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Professional Flatbed Trailer Transport Services in Iowa

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Flatbed trailers are very common due to their versatility and efficiency. They’re open on all sides for easy loading and unloading. The most common flatbed trailer platforms are 20ft, 40ft, 48ft, and 53ft. The platform used for transport will highly depend on your load to ensure its size and weight are evenly distributed. Nationwide Transport Services has partnered with different flatbed platforms across Iowa. To make a booking, fill out the form on our website, call, or email, and one of our experts will get back to you shortly. Our flatbed shipping services in Iowa are port to port, business to port, port to business, business to business, and any other location of your choice. Ensure you provide us with the correct details about your shipment to get a conclusive shipping estimate. Some of the information required includes the size and weight of your load, pick-up and drop-off locations, and the date. With that information, our specialists are able to make a plan that will meet your needs. 


Does Your Load Require a Flatbed Trailer?

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Flatbed trailers can accommodate a maximum of 48,000lbs, 53ft in length, 8.5ft in width, and 8.5ft in height. Therefore, a flatbed trailer will be the best option if your load ranges below these measurements. Loading and unloading of a flatbed trailer can either be done using a crane or a loading dock. If a crane is needed, the specialist processing your transport request will make arrangements and send a rigging crew to help the crane operator. Before every load is loaded on a flatbed trailer, we do a thorough inspection and fill out a bill of lading form. You will be given a copy of this form and later use it to confirm whether your shipment was delivered safely. Always take your time to inspect your load at the delivery location because once you sign a BOL form, you can’t claim compensation. We have over a decade of experience, and your load will be handled with utmost professionalism. You can contact the expert assigned to your shipment as often as you like for updates. 


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Fully Insured Flatbed Trailer Shipping Services in Iowa

Nationwide Transport Services must fully insure any load shipped on a flatbed trailer. That’s to protect it from any damage because accidents happen. Your name is added to our insurance cover, and you can contact our insurer to confirm your load is fully insured or to claim total compensation if it didn’t arrive safely. Always take clear photos of your load before transport and ensure it’s clean to see all the dents. With that information, you can tell if your load has new dents. The cost of shipping a load on a flatbed trailer will highly depend on the weight, size, the platform used, pick-up and delivery location, season, and distance, among other factors. The larger and heavier the shipment, the more you will pay because it will need more resources and gas. Our expedited services are available at an additional fee for clients who need their load shipped within short notice. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for flatbed trailer shipping services in Iowa at (877) 278-3135.

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