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Learn Drayage Solutions With Nationwide Transport Services, LLC

Drayage is transporting freight over short distances.

We provide short drayage operations to keep businesses running smoothly. Whether you need it to be done from port to port, port to dock, or port to its final destination. What do drayage services entail? Drayage is defined by its usage of containers to transport loads usually over short distances. Some of the drayage operations carried out include the transportation of goods from port to port, port to rail, port to dock, or to its final destination. Most drayage operations involve the pickup and drop off of goods within the same city, town, or metropolitan area, we also provide long distance drayage trucking services if need be.

There are numerous situations where short drayage can be utilized by shippers, a classic example is the shipment of loads over a distance before it can be loaded on a rail for shipment. Drayage also forms an important part of intermodal transport operations. Nationwide Transport Services provides drayage services at your convenience, whatever or wherever it may be. We understand that drayage is a critical step in moving freight.

Loading Up a Shipping Container


Drayage container transport is often part of a longer overall shipment.

The process usually involves taking containers in and out of rail, warehouses, and terminals. It also consists of taking steel containers off ship decks and rail cars, then loading the containers on trailers. After that, they’re taken to warehouses and other storage facilities as they await the next step of intermodal shipping. The drayage service is only applicable in regions where the trailer is moved within the same region. Drayage is often part of a longer freight operation. Unlike long-distance or across the border shipping, short drayage trucking services can be carried out in one driver shift. The time and distance are often very short compared to the overall shipment’s journey.


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Avoid Additional Costs of Drayage Like Demurrage Fees

NTS will guide you through the process at the most affordable prices.

Finding the right service provider like Nationwide Transport Services, LLC to handle your drayage needs is a critical part of the process. If you have goods coming in on a container ship and need them transported when they arrive at the port, the first step of the process is drayage. There are several factors you ought to consider when hiring drayage services. Many variables go into making the complicated drayage process less complex. The need to avoid unnecessary fees when transporting your cargo prompts for the use of a drayage company. That’s where we come in.

We partner up with you to ensure the container is shipped to its ultimate destination. Whether it’s an intermodal transport operation or otherwise, container owners are given time before they can move the container from the port. A demurrage fee is charged for every day the container is not cleared from the port. To avoid these unnecessary fees, you could turn to us for reliable and efficient drayage transport.

Working With Your Drayage Load Specialist

At Nationwide Transport Services, we appoint a logistics agent to each order. Since drayage services are often one step in a complex transport, a highly trained logistics agent can simplify the process of making arrangements for the shipment. When we assign a load specialist to your request, they organize everything from pickup to delivery. 

First, your agent will ask for details such as your freight's height, width, length and weight. Other information we might need includes the ZIP codes for your freight's origin and destination, your delivery window and whether your crew will need load assistance or extra services. We use these details to calculate a quote for our drayage services. 

After your approval, your logistics agent will arrange short-haul drayage trucking services for your freight. Our experts select the best driver and route for each request. Plus, we offer other preparations, including preparing paperwork and gathering permits before your freight leaves your facility. 

During transport, your load specialist will follow up on the shipment's status. We also offer load tracking and identify future complications so we can work to resolve issues and prevent delays. Once delivered, we'll confirm that the drayage container arrived at your destination on time. 

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Highly Flexible Drayage Services

Our short drayage services are adaptable, so Nationwide Transport Services can respond to your needs. We adjust aspects of our standard and digital procedures to align with your requests. If you need custom services besides these changes, we'll create a solution for you.

We employ skilled experts in each department, including customer service and claims. Our finance department has the experience to develop solutions that meet your needs. We accept payments through various methods, and frequent customers can open a line of credit to make paying for future shipments more convenient.

If you have a special request regarding transport or payment, let us know. We'll make every reasonable effort to satisfy your needs. Open communication between our team and yours invites you to voice your needs and concerns at any point. The more we know ahead of time, the easier it is to plan the optimal drayage service for your freight.

Nationwide Transport Services Sets the Standard for Short-Haul Trucking Companies

Our responsive qualities and in-house experts make Nationwide Transport Services a leader in the industry. We want to set standards for efficiency, professionalism and customer service, and we're proud of our growth in these areas. We were named to the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S. for the last four years.

Assigning logistics agents to each order ensures that every client can reach an expert. These points of contact simplify communication for your team and allow us to approach every order with fresh eyes.

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