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Superload and Break Bulk Transport Services – Domestic and International

Shipping cargo anywhere in the world leads to many questions you might receive different answers to depending on who you contact. Luckily, at Nationwide Transport Services, we have the answers and services to make your shipping needs happen. The first step to preparing for a careful shipment is determining whether your cargo requires a superload or break bulk shipping.

What Are Superloads?

Handling superloads for most shipping companies is both worrisome and exciting. At Nationwide Transport Services, LLC, we arrange the necessary transport means to make transportation of superloads convenient for you and your goods. Some of the trailers and carriers we utilize to handle extremely large loads include the multiline trailer, beam trailers, self-propelled trailers, platform trailers and many more. 

What Is Break Bulk Shipping?

When your large cargo best fits break bulk transportation, we’ve got you covered. Rather than haul everything together in one large load, we’ll carefully ship your cargo in individual units or separate loads to help reach its destination more efficiently. All of your cargo safely makes it to one place without the extra precautions you would typically have to make due to large or oversized hauls. We also make domestic shipping as easy as possible. Communicating with our logistics agents can get you one step closer to easy shipping. 

International and Domestic Superload and Break Bulk Shipping

If you have cargo that needs to travel across borders or overseas, no sweat. Countries outside of the United States have specific shipping standards that we pay close attention to before carefully hauling your shipments. No need to get in touch with coordinators across the world to make sure your goods arrive at their destination. From shipping worldwide to transporting goods a few miles away, there’s no easier solution to your transportation needs than Nationwide Transport Services.

Is Your Load a Superload?

Large cargo can look different for every shipment. Whether you plan to transport oversized construction equipment or a large-scale industrial machine, a superload can make the trip to the designated location quick and simple.

If you are wondering whether your cargo is a superload, we have logistical coordinators to handle your needs. Right off the bat, it’s important to know that a superload doesn’t just involve finding trailers with a capacity to suit its weight and size. Superload planning takes much more time, effort and experience to ship a 180,000-pound bridge cast than it would for a 60,000-pound crawler excavator. Most of the superloads and break bulk loads handled routinely exceed the dimensions of the state permits. 

We come in and offer our specialized superload hauling services to divisible loads. Trying to review the state limits? Why not leave it to the specialists and let us handle your load with our super team?

Our superload shipping operations are pretty standardized if you refer to state approvals, the right utilities, route surveys, pilot cars, permits and survey basics to get a superload to its cargo ship. Because different states can vary, transporting a superload requires that we do our homework beforehand. For instance, in New York State, a load over 200,000 lbs is a superload, while in Massachusetts, a load over 130,000 lbs is considered a superload, despite these states sharing a border. Superload transport requires keeping all this in mind.

Most states require a two-week lead time before transporting the superload. Bigger break bulk shipments require months of extensive and thorough planning before the actual operation. We handle the logistics and provide all the components required for the operation. 

When transporting a superload, carrying out surveys on overhead obstacles and traffic is important. This factor is another essential feat that we tackle during the initial superload planning phase. The roads we plan to travel down, the types of traffic they typically see and the potential overhead hazards might not even be on your radar when shipping cargo. Luckily, we’ve had plenty of experience jumping over obstacles to make every transportation run as smoothly as possible. 

We take the same level of precautions when determining international shipping standards and hurdles. Leave the planning to us, and we’ll work out the kinks to strategize an effective arrival for your load. 

Does Your Load Need Break Bulk Shipping?

When safety and convenience lead your cargo away from the direction of superloads, our break bulk shipping services come in handy. We’ll use multiple shipping containers and hauling equipment to make transporting your goods separately as easy as possible. Obstacles come in all shapes and sizes for large cargo, including heavy traffic, height clearances, safety measures and unpredictable road conditions. Our break bulk shipping services consider the easiest route ahead to determine how your load can reach its destination quickly and safely.

We solve problems concerning superload and break bulk transportation and provide a wealth of experience, know-how and problem-solving methods. We use our experiences in the industry and our own practices to assess every risk and complication that comes with international and domestic transportation. We take extra precautions to avoid any risks that come from break bulk shipping. For instance, loading and unloading of over-dimensional cargo has to be done with care to avoid any accidents. We work with our specialists and customers to ensure the preparation and execution of break bulk is effective. The safety of your cargo and our team is a top priority at Nationwide Transport Services.

Even with the most experienced logisticians, we often face new challenges during our operations. That’s where our break bulk problem-solving skills come in. For instance, we’ve invested in the latest technology to help us load and unload the cargo fast and efficiently with cranes, moving platforms and other moving equipment. Therefore, at the break-in-bulk point, we ensure everything is done professionally to avoid any damage or harm. No matter which industry you operate in, we have your superload and breakbulk hauling needs covered with everyone’s time and safety in mind.

Meet the Team

Your dedicated Nationwide Transport Services logistics specialist works to offer you the best shipping prices. We also take the time to find the best driver and truck to meet your needs. Learn your representative’s skills and biography, and book an appointment to see them in action.

Adaptable Solutions for Superloads

At Nationwide Transport Services, we’re committed to meeting our customers’ needs. Break bulk cargo demands considerations specific to such large loads. We encourage our clients to communicate openly with us — the earlier you voice special requests and concerns, the better we can meet your needs. Our logistics agents, claims department specialists and customer support representatives are skilled professionals who can adjust our procedures to align with your expectations. 

Since break bulk cargo is so large, shipping is often more expensive than opting for the standard transportation containers on freights. We work to create affordable shipping solutions for all freight, including superloads. Our talented finance department partners with our clients and offers several easy payment methods. We accept traditional payments such as payment on delivery, direct deposit, bank transfers and credit cards, as well as PayPal, Zelle and cryptocurrency. 

We make communication with our clients as simple as possible. If you notify us of any requests, we’ll work with you to make changes until you’re satisfied. If adjusting our normal practices isn’t enough, we’ll create a custom solution for your order. 

Your Trusted Break Bulk Specialist

Communicating with Nationwide Transport Services is easy because you can always connect with an expert about your order. We assign a logistics agent to each break bulk shipping request. That load specialist manages everything from taking your request to verifying delivery.

To calculate an accurate estimate for superload shipping, your logistics agent will need certain details about your freight, including:

  • Dimensions, such as height, length and width.
  • Weight.
  • Pickup and delivery ZIP codes.
  • The time frame for transport.
  • Your need for load assistance, pilot cars or escort vehicles.
  • Your need for accessories such as tarps or chains.

Once your load specialist has gathered the information they need and you’ve accepted a quote, they start making arrangements. This process is more difficult for superloads, but our specialists have the necessary experience to plan complex transport operations for freight of any size. Before transport, your logistics agent will take care of everything, including:

  • Hiring a driver and crew with the right experience and equipment.
  • Performing surveys on traffic, overhead obstacles and other complications.
  • Researching state regulations about superloads and planning the best route.
  • Completing paperwork and gathering permits for compliant transport.
  • Staying in consistent communication with your team to give you updates.

Throughout transport and delivery, your load specialist will follow up on your freight and resolve any complications.

Nationwide Transport Services Is Setting Standards for Break Bulk Shipping Services

Our flexibility and focus on client needs help us stand apart from our competitors in the shipping industry. For the last four years, Nationwide Transport Services has earned a spot on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing American companies. Our focus is on offering responsive, detail-oriented services — qualities we want to become industry standards. We provide the best customer experience before, during and after every shipment.

Do you need to ship break bulk cargo? Work with Nationwide Transport Services, and an expert will handle every stage of your transport. Reach out online today for a free freight shipping quote.