Heavy Haul Services

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Heavy Hauling Transport Services through Our HeavyHaulers.com Division

Heavy Haulers ships oversize loads and heavy equipment with ease.

Our heavy haul services come in handy when transporting heavy, large and oversize loads. Nationwide Transport Service provides industry competitive heavy hauling services through our division HeavyHaulers.com. We’ve developed a well noticed and shining brand in the industry of heavy hauling through our outreach to every corner of the industry, It’s no wonder why clients come to us after a long search for the right heavy machinery transport services provider. We make assessments to each load based on the dimensions and weight of the machinery. All heavy haul shipping companies are required to classify their equipment and acquire the right permit for overweight and oversize loads. Before commencing, the legality of the shipment should be verified by a load permit agency. Different states have different laws regarding hauling heavy equipment. All this is handled with ease though when choosing to work with our specialty division HeavyHaulers.com.

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Overweight/Oversize Permit Acquiring with Heavy Hauling Specialists.

We handle all the paperwork so you can focus on what matters.

At Nationwide Transport Services, heavy haul is defined as the transportation of heavy, bulky, overweight and oversized loads that exceed the standard road limits. If you’re wondering whether your load requires a heavy haul specialist, we have you covered, just contact a representative for more information on your specific load. From large construction equipment to overweight military vehicles, heavy hauling service providers step in to supplement where ordinary trucking service won’t suffice. The different types of heavy haul operations require special handling, permits, and road planning beforehand. Most heavy haul service shipments will be accompanied with a road plan and permit records before commencing. In most states, a shipment is considered to be overweight or oversized if it exceeds the following limits; width of 8.6 ft., height of 13.6 ft., gross weight over 45,000, and length beyond 53 feet. Although this differs in different states, we provide comprehensive license coverage.


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Safely Relocating Heavy Loads, Equipment, and Large Vehicles

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Heavy haul across the country is more than finding transportation by trailers and trucks. There are various factors that overweight loads are required by federal law to pass through checks. Attaching signage when traveling are some of the factors required when making oversized shipments. Shipments are required to have load banners, special lighting and uiding pilot cars, safety flags, and police escorts when necessary. It’s recommended that any heavy haul company provide these requirements of the operation before commencing. If you are wondering how your 60,000 excavator or 40,000 pound crawler will ship to its location, we have highly skilled truck drivers to handle your needs backed up with dispatch managers to obtain the rest.. The main reason why businesses request heavy haul companies to transport their vehicle is that they are overly complicated when transporting. We take all the right steps to ensure your vehicles are shipped on time and securely. The special tools and equipment needed are provided ahead of time for any heavy haul shipment.