Truck Dispatch Services

Truck Dispatch Services


When you're in the trucking industry, staying in the know about order status, driver location and the availability of trailers can make the difference between a repeat customer and a missed opportunity.

At Nationwide Transport Services, we want to help streamline your efforts. We offer a variety of freight dispatch services to keep you organized. Our team channels more than 10 years of experience in the shipping industry to tailor a plan appropriate to your budget and expectations. Impress your clients with on-time deliveries and operations that are industry compliant for fewer risks behind the wheel.

Why Do You Need Dispatch Services?

Effective dispatching can quickly get complicated, drawing from limited resources and affecting every aspect of your business. Dedicated truck dispatch services allow you to offload these requirements to experienced dispatch professionals. We know the ins and outs of dispatch services and can help you ensure on-time shipments at competitive prices.

Professional truck dispatch services offer a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Problem-solving expertise: With plenty of industry expertise, our team can solve problems related to delivery date estimations, driver scheduling, weather conditions and other logistics issues that might arise. We draw on a catalog of resources to solve problems quickly and effectively.
  • Visibility: We update you on the location of your shipment and related information as you need it. Whether you're shipping an oversize load, hot shot trucking load or a small less-than-truckload order, NTS has your back.
  • Dependability: Our goal is always to ensure your products get picked up and delivered in a timely, secure fashion. With a dedicated focus on logistics, a dispatch team can zero in on this goal for more reliable services, rather than juggling other departments' needs.
  • Speed and efficiency: With a unique knowledge base and a thorough understanding of dispatching processes, we can help you arrange fast deliveries without sacrificing other qualities, like security or cost. By tackling administrative work, your in-house team also gets to focus on more important tasks.
  • Cost savings: Building an in-house dispatching team of the same caliber as our experienced professionals would be too cost-prohibitive for many businesses. Outsourcing your dispatching services allows you to reap the benefits at an affordable price point while eliminating complexity due to benefits, hiring, training and other staffing demands. We also have access to resources and connections to find the best rates available for your freight.

You likely didn't go into business to worry about logistics. Whatever your priority is, third-party truck dispatching can drastically simplify logistics demands while improving the results.


Truck Dispatch Services We Offer

Our truck dispatch solutions are wide-reaching, allowing us to handle nearly every aspect of logistics for different products. We serve industries that range from heavy equipment to consumer goods, so companies of all types can depend on NTS for secure, on-time shipments.

Truck dispatch services from NTS include:

  • Negotiating freight rates for maximum return on investment
  • Routing deliveries to avoid construction zones and inclement weather
  • Confirming insurance paperwork
  • Coordinating driver schedules and stopping points
  • Running credit checks on your potential clients for income purposes
  • Locating roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown
  • Completing billing invoices so you receive payments quickly
  • Ensuring your business and all drivers follow guidelines set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Our representatives will plan out deliveries and respond to unexpected problems that might pop up, so you can rest easy knowing your logistics needs are well-handled. You'll get a single point of contact to handle your logistics concerns and keep you in the loop.


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Why Partner With Nationwide Transport Services for Freight Dispatch Services?

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At NTS, we set ourselves apart with unparalleled attention and customer service. We take the time to learn your organization's needs and do our best to meet every single one. We believe in transparency and communication, so we're by your side with 24/7 support. Whether your goal is to reduce in-house demands, improve efficiency, boost visibility or achieve something else, NTS is there as a long-term partner in your success.

To get there, we maintain high standards of quality and work ethic, putting our customers first with experienced employees and premium-quality services. We back everything up with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and several awards for outstanding customer service.

As a provider of transportation logistics, our company prepares you to move all types of freight according to your industry. From full truckloads and less-than-truckload orders to deliveries involving drayage, we keep you at the top of your game year-round. Reach out to a representative to learn more about our dispatch services and streamline your company's logistics.