Lowboy Trucking Services

On a standard semitrailer, freight taller than 8 feet exceeds most height restrictions. If you're transporting a tall shipment, height can complicate finding a route without relevant overhead obstacles and size guidelines. These considerations are important when arranging transport services for heavy machinery. Lowboy flatbed trailer shipping solves the problem of stacking tall equipment on a standard flatbed trailer. 

Lowboy Trucking

A lowboy flatbed is a semitrailer with a low bed, called a dropdeck. A single lowboy trailer has two drops that let the trailer sit close to the ground. One drop is just behind the gooseneck, and the other is in front of the wheels. Two-axle lowboy flatbed trailers have a maximum weight of 40,000 pounds and are rated for freight that measures 14 feet tall or less. These qualities make lowboy shipping ideal for moving oversized equipment. 

At Nationwide Transport Services, we can arrange to transport your item through experienced lowboy hauling companies. Choosing the right solution for your transport needs can be complex. Our team takes care of that process for you and works out any complications. 

Lowboy Trailer Hauling Tractor

Trust Us as Your Lowboy Hauling Expert

When you work with Nationwide Transport Services, we connect you with a logistics agent who arranges every detail of your transport with lowboy service companies. Our load specialists are skilled professionals who organize everything you'll need for successful transport. Your logistics agent is an expert on your request. That means you can always contact someone familiar with your freight for updates. 

Once you connect with us, a logistics agent will gather information about your request, including:

  • The height, length, width and weight of your freight. 
  • The ZIP codes for the freight's origin and destination.
  • Whether any extra services may be necessary. 

Your load specialist will calculate an estimate for transporting your freight and start planning. Some of your logistics agent's responsibilities are:

  • Choosing the ideal transportation for your freight. 
  • Hiring a driver and any needed crews. 
  • Creating a route from point A to point B. 
  • Helping with paperwork and applying for permits. 
  • Communicating with transport professionals and clients. 
  • Using problem-solving strategies to resolve complications during transport. 
  • Confirming that your freight reached its destination on time. 


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Work With an Industry-Leading Lowboy Trucking Company

The team at Nationwide Transport Services specializes in offering adaptable services. Our load specialists, claims department experts, customer support representatives and finance professionals have a deep understanding of this industry. Their experience lets our team adjust our procedures to fit your needs. If you have a special request, let us know and we'll work with you to make it happen. 

We can cater to all client needs. For example, Nationwide Transport Services can provide load tracking, accept various payment methods, provide a lowboy freight quote and offer lines of credit to our clients who use our services often. Our flexibility makes us stand out from our competition, and we want to set an industry standard with our services. 

You can reach out to our team for more information about lowboy hauling for large freight such as heavy construction equipment. Complete this freight shipping quote request form to receive a free estimate from someone on our team.