Nationwide Transport Services is a full service third-party logistics broker. We provide national and international transportation for any load, we specialize in heavy hauling, freight shipping, and auto transport.


Nationwide Transport Services is dedicated to becoming the logistics company other brands want to be. For over ten years we’ve been leading the way in logistics and transport solutions. Each transport, from vehicles to superloads, is handled by a highly trained shipping specialist. We provide custom solutions for almost everything. We’re here to handle all your transport needs. 

While we have strived to perfect the shipping and transport industry, we also work to create new solutions to better fit your needs. We haul construction equipment, farm equipment, industrial equipment and more. It’s rare for any two transports to be the exact same, which is why we always look at it with fresh eyes. 

If your transport needs load assistance, we provide that as well. Your dedicated transport specialist will find the best crew to provide cranes, ramps, and more. Paperwork and permits are also part of our services. So is providing pilot cars and escort vehicles when necessary. Nationwide Transport Services handles every aspect of transport, so you can have a confident shipping experience. See below to find out more about our services.


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Nationwide Transport Services ships all kinds of freight. We provide solutions for lighter than truckload (LTL), oversize loads, vehicles, miscellaneous equipment, and more. We can utilize hotshot trucking, drive away services, or trailer shipping to get your freight where it needs to be. Whether you’re shipping domestically or internationally, we’ve got the best team to get it handled with care.

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If you’re looking for heavy haul transport, then Heavy Haulers is where you want to be. Our heavy equipment division knows the intricacies of moving oversize, overweight, wide loads, and more. They’ll make sure the proper straps or chains are available to secure your load. Each detail will be mapped out, and pilot cars obtained if necessary. Our Heavy Haulers website provides information on all things large and overweight. We deliver your heavy equipment on time so you can get back to work.



Our dedicated site has all the information you need about vehicle shipping. We haul anything from electric cars to oversize Humvees. Drive away car services are available, as well as trailer shipping. ships to every state in the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii. We also transport to every city. Wherever you need your car, we’ll get it there with ease.

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Drayage services transport freight over small distances. At Nationwide Transport Services we can move your equipment from one local job to the next within the same state, across the country, or overseas. We are proud to provide local Drayage services for small business, entrepreneurs, and more. We are here for the community when you are in need of custom and affordable transport solutions. 

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Our superload and break bulk services are handled by a highly trained team. Super loads are greater than 16' wide, 16” high, 150' long and over 180,000 pounds. Break bulk cargo is anything that has to be loaded individually and not in bulk. This can be construction or farm equipment, as well as machinery. We provide top quality shipping services for all your superload and break bulk needs.

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Nationwide Transport Services provides top quality international export services for all vehicles and equipment. We provide port-to-port solutions and can even help with customs paperwork. Hauling vehicles overseas or exporting them from the U.S. should be handled by the professionals. Which is why we have an entire team dedicated solely to international shipping.

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Our site, Tractor Transport, is dedicated to all agricultural equipment transport. We provide shipping and hauling solutions for farmers and industrial agricultural companies. Whether you need to haul a tractor to the new farm or ship harvesting machinery overseas, we can provide the solutions you need. We are proud to service local farmers with our transport and shipping services.

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Power only services means that you have a trailer and you need it hauled. That’s what we’re here to do. We provide power only shipping services, making sure to find the best driver and truck to move your trailer.  Your transport specialist will provide you with all the information and paperwork necessary to move your trailer with Nationwide Transport Services. We’re here to get your trailer wherever it needs to be.