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Freight shipping and hauling is offered to our clients looking to transport all types of loads including the shipping of dry goods, refrigerated goods, heavy loads, and commodities by land, sea, and air. The two types of freight shipping include truckload and intermodal transport. During freight shipping, the key element is to deliver the goods to their destination in a cost-effective manner and on time. Whether it’s by land or sea, the benefits of freight shipping and hauling cut across. When you choose to transport your freight with Nationwide Transport Service, LLC, you benefit by having your load transported by the best service providers looking out for you every step of the way, our freight shipping services save on your cost of shipping. We provide competitive rates and utilize qualified drivers and specialists. Transportation of goods using freight shipping saves time and helps get goods to customers for those tight delivery windows. The wide array of options makes it easier to choose services that best suit your schedule. 




Several modes of transport are utilized during shipping and hauling freight. From full truckload to partial truckload, all these options make freight shipping versatile. For instance, when using the less than truckload option often called “LTL”, clients can transport larger loads that do not occupy large enough space to justify the use of a full truckload without the expense of paying for a full trailer load. Most less LTL shipments are between 150 to 15,000 pounds. On the other hand, a full truckload of pallets can weigh up to 45,000 lbs. These types of loads are large enough to justify the use of a semi-trailer and typically handle loads up to 45,000 lbs.. The full truckload freight shipping is more cost-effective and requires less handling than the LTL option. Our partial load option provides the option of splitting the cost of the shipment with other shippers moving loads in the same direction. Using our intermodal freight shipping involves the combination of different shipping methods such as trucks, rail, sea and air. All these options are available to our customers.


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We Have the Trailers, Cranes, and Loading Equipment Suitable to Your Freight Shipment

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With freight shipping and hauling comes the use of different trailers and equipment. When using the full truckload shipping, some common equipment like forklifts and cranes are used by shipping companies to make the operation successful. The transportation of freight requires that we have all these equipment on standby just in case the shipper may not, just to make time conscious shipping with ease. The dry van trailer is one of the most commonly used trailers in freight shipping operations. Our dry van trailers handle LTL, partial loads, and full loads, we have over 40,000 dry van trailers available to clients on the road today. Our temperature-controlled shipping operations fall under refrigerated dry van trailer shipping and are used to preserve perishable goods such as produce, meat, and pharmaceuticals. Our shipping rates are standardized to accommodate different client needs. Some of the elements considered when pricing freight shipping and hauling include the shipping method, special services such as perishables, and the size and weight of the shipment.

Our Purpose

At Nationwide Transport Services, we strive to exceed customer expectations. Setting industry standards is a hallmark of our mission.

Our customers trust us to arrange shipments that deliver their freight on time. Our freight shipping and hauling services manage more than punctual deliveries, though. We hire an experienced driver, plan the most efficient route, obtain permits and resolve complications for every request. Handling these tasks makes our freight shipping services a comprehensive transport solution.

Seamless communication and expertise are essential elements of our services. We also offer load tracking and customer support, so you can feel confident your shipment is in good hands. 


Freight Transport Solutions Customized to Your Needs

When you work with a traditional freight company, arranging and checking on your load means connecting with various employees. At Nationwide Transport Services, every request receives a dedicated load specialist. These logistical experts manage every step of your order, from your first call to delivery verification. First, your specialist will ask about the specifications of your freight, such as:

  • Dimensions, including weight, height, length and width.
  • The ZIP codes for pickup and delivery.
  • The estimated time frame.
  • Your escort car needs.

After the initial conversation, your logistics agent will calculate a freight transport quote. This estimate depends on a variety of factors, including costs associated with the kind of trailer you need and how urgent and often you need your shipment transported.

After that, your load specialist will arrange the entire transport. They'll choose the best driver for your freight, identify a route that meets your delivery window and complete any necessary paperwork. They will also check in to confirm whether your shipment arrived on time and handle anything that delays or affects the shipment.

Assigning a single dedicated employee to each request simplifies communication. You'll always be in contact with someone who knows the ins and outs of your shipment. This model lets us offer stellar service with every order.

Why Choose Nationwide Transport Services?

Working with our team has one large advantage — we can cater to all customer needs. First, we assign a professional logistics agent to your request. Then, we get to work learning the details of your order and making adjustments to our practices. We can change our digital and standard procedures to offer freight trucking that meets your exact specifications.

Besides our logistics agents, we have experienced specialists in other departments to strengthen our claims department and customer support team. We also have a highly skilled and adaptable finance department. These professionals offer lines of credit to clients who use our services frequently, and we accept various forms of payment, including:

Payment on Delivery

Direct Billing

Direct Deposit

Bank Transfer

Credit Cards




Our flexible payment options are just one of the ways we can meet your needs. If you have other requests, ask about them. Our customizable freight hauling solutions make us the best company for your shipment.

Choose Freight Hauling With Nationwide Transport Services

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