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Flatbed Trucking Services

Some shipments are so large that you need to load and unload them with means other than a loading dock. These loads are also too big to fit into a standard truck trailer. If the freight can travel without a dry van’s protection, flatbed transport might be the best solution for your shipment. Flatbeds have no walls to avoid size constraints. Plus, forklifts and cranes can load large freight onto a flatbed trailer from any angle. 

We know that no shipment is identical to the next, so we find the best flatbed trucking solution for each request.  (877) 278-3135

Your Flatbed Freight Shipping Specialist

At Nationwide Transport Services, we connect companies with various shipping methods, including flatbed transport. We assign a load specialist to every request, so they can arrange the details of your transport. When you work with us, that expert will handle everything, including:

  • Taking your order.
  • Choosing a driver.
  • Coordinating pickup and delivery.
  • Following up on your freight’s status. 
  • Verifying delivery.

Assigning orders to individual specialists gives you an experienced point of contact who is familiar with every detail of your request. This strategy simplifies communication and helps us better support you.

If you have specific concerns related to your flatbed freight, your logistics agent has the experience to handle everything from dispatch to delivery. Since flatbed trailers free your shipment from size constraints, you need to know your freight complies with legal maximums for the height and width of each load. Your logistics agent will use the dimensions you give them to choose a trailer, so your freight complies with road laws once loaded. 

Your load specialist will consider other details about your shipment before choosing a flatbed. There are a few different kinds of flatbeds, and your freight may need extra accessories such as tarps and chains. Determining these specifications can help your specialist choose the right flatbed.


Flexible Flatbed Transport Solutions

Nationwide Transport Services is proud to stand out from the competition with high-quality, adaptable services. Our team excels in meeting our customers’ needs. If you communicate a special request about your flatbed transport, our team can adjust our normal procedures until they align with your needs. We can also develop a custom flatbed freight transport solution. 

Our team includes experts in every department, and their experience makes us adaptable. Whether you need help from the claims department, customer support or finance department, our professionals can find solutions that meet your needs.  Our finance department also offers lines of credit to frequent clients for convenient payment. We accept several traditional payment methods as well as PayPal, Zelle and cryptocurrency. 


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Trust Nationwide Transport Services

The team at Nationwide Transport Services offers quality flatbed hauling services. We aspire to set industry standards for efficient, reliable transportation via road, rail, air, or water. Our company has ranked on Inc. 5000’s Fastest-Growing Privately Held Companies in the U.S. list for the past four years.

Get in touch with us to learn more about flatbed freight logistics. You can also request a free freight shipping quote to get started.

NTS offers flatbed trucking services in the following states:

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Florida Trucking
Kansas Trucking
Indiana Trucking
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Illinois Trucking
Nebraska Trucking
Massachusetts Trucking
Mississippi Trucking
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