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Auto transport is very convenient. It’s reliable and saves time. This allows you to move any car be it luxurious, classic or any vehicle from anywhere in the country to your doorstep without stress. A professional car shipping company like NTS does everything for you including acquiring insurance. Our auto transport services include shipping both multiple and single vehicles. To ship your car freely without having to worry, you have to find a reliable and experienced carrier with resources. We have gained tips and tricks along the way that are suitable for meeting our customers' auto transport needs. We offer both single and multiple car shipping services. With skilled specialists and licensed drivers, everything goes as planned. Using auto transport services not only saves you time, but it also saves your car’s mileage.

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A dedicated transport specialist will guide you through every step of shipping.

Auto transport services involve use of different trailers depending on the number of vehicles being transported and the needs of the client. Single most expensive vehicles are shipped using enclosed carriers which are the best to ensure that a car is well strapped and safe from any harm. Enclosed trailers are mainly the go to when it comes to shipping of luxurious cars and unique classics that require care and protection from harsh weather. On the other hand, open trailers are used for multiple vehicles. Like the word says, open trailers are not covered and have a lot of space to accommodate many vehicles in a trip. However, a lot of customers go for this option when shipping single vehicles. Multiple vehicles being shipped in the same direction are loaded on an open trailer and dropped in different locations.


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All of our auto transportation services are led by our division, through our specialists you can decide the best car shipping option for you. Open trailers are a cheaper option compared to use of enclosed trailers which can only carry a single car. Before a vehicle is being picked up, it’s important to ensure it’s well prepared. This involves cleaning it up, removing your personal items, leaving the gas tank half full and inspecting all sides of your car. This allows you to identify any new damage when the car has been delivered. The carrier also inspects your car and fills an inspection report to ensure in case you claim your car is damaged, they can counter check from their inspection report that was filled in during pick up to confirm if the damage was already there or not. When loading and unloading vehicles, safety is key and use of the latest technology is important to increase efficiency and speed. Choosing a well rated auto transport service provider like Nationwide Transport Services, LLC guarantees you a stress free experience.