Freight and Logistics Services

At Nationwide Transport Services, we offer freight logistics services for companies that need to ship loads of any size. We're committed to setting an example that leads the industry. More than a decade ago, we started building a brand that other companies aspire to achieve. Today, our logistics services and transportation solutions are unmatched. 

Dedicated Freight Management Services

We handle all customer needs, including those that require custom solutions. Our team assigns a highly trained shipping specialist to every transport, whether you're shipping a vehicle or superload. Perfecting every transport process requires flexibility, and we rarely handle identical transports. Every logistics agent has the expertise to look at new requests with fresh eyes and develop the best solution for your shipment. We focus on our clients, and our attention to detail helps us serve you. 

When we arrange a transport, we have access to resources such as load assistance and escort vehicles. Your logistics agent will select the best crew for your shipment and ensure they have the correct equipment, such as ramps or cranes, if necessary. 

Our team handles every step of your transport, so you don't have to. Feel confident in your shipping solution when you work with Nationwide Transport Services. 

As a freight broker, Nationwide Transport Services connects shippers to freight service providers. Our comprehensive shipping solutions help you get your freight from point A to point B in the most efficient way possible. 


Arranging Transport

Your load specialist is a dedicated professional who manages your freight and simplifies communication by giving you a consistent point of contact.

After gathering your order's specifications, your logistics agent will create a quote and arrange shipping. Your load specialist will also choose a driver and plan the best route from your freight's origin to its destination. We can complete paperwork and obtain the required permits for your shipment as well. Some factors your agent will consider while they make arrangements are:

  • The freight's dimensions.
  • The ZIP codes of the pickup and delivery sites. 
  • Your trailer needs. 
  • Your delivery schedule. 
  • Load assistance, pilot car and escort vehicle needs. 
  • Any special requests. 


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Smoothing Out the Shipping Process

Choose an Industry-Leading Logistics Company

Your logistics broker wants to give you the best transportation experience possible. They'll follow up throughout shipping to check on your order's status. If any problems arise, our team will work to resolve them quickly. We also offer load tracking to help you stay updated on the shipment. Your specialist will even confirm that the destination facility received your freight within the anticipated time frame. 

At Nationwide Transport Services, we set industry standards for custom solutions and quality service. We've earned a place on Inc. 5000's list of fastest-growing companies in the U.S. for four consecutive years. Our clients trust our company because we're experienced, flexible and committed to providing the best solutions possible. 

Connect with Nationwide Transport Services for more information about freight management services. You can also request a freight shipping quote online, and our team will contact you.