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International Export Services, Dedicated and Professional Branch in Orlando, FL

Overseas transport for shipping containers, cars, heavy equipment and more.

If you’re in the market to import/export cars, freight, and equipment, our international export services are available to anyone inquiring. Whether you’re shipping a vehicle to a customer overseas or exporting freight to clients, we have you covered. International exports are an essential service and generally involve a lot of paperwork. As more and more companies find out the importance of tapping the international market, we take the responsibility of making international export as streamlined as possible. Global trade is crucial as every other trade and requires the utilization of modern and traditional trends. The rise in service and freight export is a natural outcome of the unceasing effort to grow the goods and services economy in America. With the pervasiveness of cloud-based communication and the internet, we’ve adopted trends that make international export of cars and equipment flow freely across boundaries. The role of freight providers cannot be circumvented.

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Experience International Export of American Made Vehicles

Hauling Cars to Every Country in The World

When most people hear about freight export, the first thing that comes to mind is the transportation of American made cars, machinery, equipment, and other freight. While this is true, a large share of export is covered by the international export of cars, in the US nearly $5 billion worth of passenger vehicles were exported in 2018. As an exporter, you need an export company that can handle all the intermodal logistics under one roof. We manage shipments and meet the needs of the customers satisfactorily. Whether we are transporting buses or standard passenger vehicles we’re deeply passionate about exporting freight on time and securely. As an international exporter, you have to rely on existing experience to make vehicle shipments as successful and seamless as possible. The advantage of having contact across international borders further widens our efficiency.


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Intermodal International Shipping of All Freight

We Handle All The Paperwork for Overseas Transport

We transport light-duty vehicles such as passenger vehicles and trucks. The international import and export of freight, general equipment and machinery is made possible by the utilization of vessels, aircraft carriers and domestic trailers. We handle the international export of equipment like cranes, bulldozers, and excavators. Expanding our operations in different regions helps us improve our outreach and connections abroad. We aid in the facilitation of tariffs and documents such as registration and clearance documents. Companies worldwide are looking to buy heavy equipment for many purposes. Without the right resources and permits, shipping can get very expensive as the cost of transportation is worked into the price of the equipment. Hiring a professional international shipping company ahead of time to step in and load is the most viable option. We consolidate your shipment in our containers or break bulk at the lowest possible rates. By utilizing an experienced freight shipping company such as ourselves with resources across the country, you can make international exports easier and affordable.

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