Power Only Services

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Power Only Services

Let NTS Provide the Power, Just Give Us Your Trailer

One of the most underlooked elements in trucking is power only transport. A trend adopted to address the problem for haulers and shippers is power only carriers and services. What is power only? Power only is a term that refers to the process of utilizing a stand alone truck to come in and help haul the trailer you need to be transported. Power only option can be utilized for a trailer you may own after purchasing, looking to have it returned after a breakdown, or if you simply own a trailer you move frequently and it’s more cost effective to have it powered by third party trucks than maintain a driver, truck, and motor carrier license. We utilize it as a means of extending the efficiency of our operations and increasing our existing assets. In some cases, the trailers are meant to stay in one place for a long time. If you’re planning to carry out operations such as, hosting modifications, promotions, and exhibits, equipment storage for a worksite, power only might be the only viable option.

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Moving a Trailer that Moves Loads Should be Easy and Inexpensive.

We offer a standard cost per mile for any power only transport larger than 500 miles. For some of the scenarios you need to have a trailer with you at all times, but running a semi truck is neither cost-effective nor necessary, power only might be the only option. The cost of acquiring and maintaining a semi truck let alone hiring a driver to operate it would be excessive. Power only trucking is suitable for people in such situations. We’re willing to take the power only opportunity to make your operations run smoothly. We have stand alone semi trucks with the capability to haul any type of trailer, fifth wheel, bumper pull, gooseneck and more. When carrying out power only haul, it’s important to keep a record of the drop-off and pick up location. We facilitate this adequately and ensure timing is adhered to by picking up the trailer on time. Our power only services are accessible countywide.


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Load Out Power Only Option

Save Money, and Potentially EARN money with Power Only

At NTS, we offer you savings when you have an empty trailer available for transport, sae money by allowing our team to utilize your trailer to take another customer's load from the same area, headed to a nearby location to your destination, this is called “Load-Out”. Let our drivers use it for more routes, and that can potentially earn you money legally, and safely. We’re capable of providing the services at your convenience. We are licensed to carry out hauling operations across the country. Our power only cab services are not only extended to single trailer shipments but we also multiple drivers depending on the logistical needs and number of trailers. Some of the common trucks are used for transporting flatbed trailers, dry van trailers, tankers, and even refrigerated vans. Drivers with specialized experience in the transportation of different cargo are employed to move your trailer. While most companies focus on utilizing their trailers and drivers to transport your shipment, we provide power only to move your trailers and trucks.

Trust an Expert With Your Trailer

If you have your own trailer, you need a semitruck and expertise for a successful transport. At Nationwide Transport Services, we offer power only trucking management services. Every request receives the attention of a skilled logistics agent who handles every step of your order. This dedicated professional hears your company's special requests and answers your questions. Assigning a load specialist to every client simplifies communication between you and our power only trucking company. 

Your load specialist has several duties throughout preparation and transport, including:

  • Gathering details such as the trailers' dimensions, weight and other information. 
  • Calculating the distance between the ZIP codes for pickup and delivery.
  • Offering a free quote for the requested services. 
  • Choosing a compatible truck. 
  • Planning the ideal route between points. 
  • Filing paperwork and applying for permits
  • Updating your company during transport. 
  • Using problem-solving skills to resolve issues. 
  • Confirming that your trailer gets delivered on time. 
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Adaptable Arrangements With Power Only Trucking Companies

Our logistics agents make the best arrangements possible for your power only transport. We use industry best practices to develop a plan while remaining highly flexible. If you have a special concern or request, we'll work with you and adjust our procedures. If needed, we can devise a custom solution that meets your needs.

Adaptability sets Nationwide Transport Services apart from our competition. Our expertise lets us make adjustments to the way we handle power only trucking. Our team also understands the unique needs associated with power only handling.

We go beyond arranging a truck to pull your trailer. The experienced professionals in our customer service and claims departments work with our clients to provide the best support possible.

The finance department at Nationwide Transport Services offers versatile opportunities for your company to make payments easily. We can accept several traditional and newer payment methods. Choose from paying with your credit card, completing a bank transfer, paying through Zelle, transferring money through PayPal or even paying with cryptocurrency. We offer payment on delivery, and our frequent clients can open a line of credit for the most convenient payments possible.

Setting Industry Standards for Power Only Carriers

At Nationwide Transport Services, we dedicate our team to creating industry standards for responsive, reliable transport solutions. Our strengths make us stand out, but we believe that everyone should have access to quality power only trucking services. Even when our unique practices become the norm, we're confident that we'll pull ahead.

We're building a company that our competitors look up to. We've grown since our founding over 10 years ago, and our services are only getting better. We've been on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing American businesses for the last four years.

Working With Nationwide Transport Services

When you work with Nationwide Transport Services, we take care of everything before dispatch. We also respond to customer needs throughout the process. If you have a special request, just let us know.

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