Aerospace Logistics Services

While the space race may have ended in 1975, countries still compete in the export of aerospace equipment. The United States is currently in the lead with an estimated $102.8 billion as of 2022. Since aerospace equipment requires careful handling, partnering with a reliable logistics company is paramount. Nationwide Transport Services specializes in the handling and transportation of aerospace equipment. Whether you want to move rocket nozzles, engines or other aerospace elements locally or internationally, we can assist with custom solutions.

Comprehensive Aerospace Logistics Solutions

Experience with handling and transporting aerospace equipment is essential to the safe delivery of your products. Our team has a proven track record of shipping everything from aircraft engines to propulsion units, giving them boots-on-the-ground knowledge. This expertise allows us to offer comprehensive aerospace logistics solutions. 

Tailored Logistics for Aviation and Aerospace Sectors

While each job is unique, our end goal is always the same — ensuring a safe and efficient delivery. In order to achieve this objective, we take a tailored approach to each new shipment. Here are some ways in which we provide personalized support: 

  • Dedicated load specialists: All our clients are assigned a personal account manager to oversee each step in the logistics process. By dealing with one point of contact, we ensure that there is someone with in-depth knowledge about your job ready to answer all your queries. 
  • Specialized transportation: From flatbed trucks to aircraft to ships, we partner with multiple carriers to find the best route for your product. Using a range of different carriers also enables us to reduce excessive handling of sensitive equipment, such as engines. 
  • Expert handling teams for engines: As different engine models have varying handling requirements, we train our crew accordingly. Their diverse skill sets enable them to handle most engines. 
  • Reliable drivers: We handpick our drivers to ensure safer transit on the roads. In addition, we offer escort vehicles to allow for a more reliable passage for abnormal loads. 
  • Regular updates: We leverage satellite tracking to provide real-time updates on your shipment. In addition, your account manager will also provide timely communication on the product's progress. 
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Shipping Solutions for Diverse Aerospace Needs

Aerospace equipment ranges in size, from small navigation devices to large landing gear. There are three shipment solutions available to accommodate the varying sizes, each with its own timeframe. Here's an overview of the different solutions: 

  • Critical parts delivery: Aircraft on ground (AOG) refers to a serious problem that is preventing the aircraft from functioning. When maintenance teams require parts urgently for repairs, they will often transport airplane parts via plane for speedy delivery. However, the size of the part will determine if this is an option — oversized or overweight equipment may have to be transported via trucks or ship. 
  • Small packages: This is a solution for equipment that is smaller, lighter and not urgently required. You have the option of shipping these items via plane or truck, with the latter being more cost-effective. 
  • Heavy freight shipping: The optimal way to transport larger equipment is via truck or ship. Because equipment such as landing gear comprises a good portion of a plane's total mass, it's often necessary to use an aircraft trucking company to move parts across the country.


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Our Specialized Aerospace Logistics Expertise

In our history of aerospace logistics, we've gained experience in handling and transporting the following: 

  • Jet or rocket engines 
  • Propellers 
  • Landing gear 
  • Guidance and navigation systems
  • Propulsion units 

As each of these products has different compliance needs, you need to acquire the correct permits and other paperwork for successful delivery.  In addition, different equipment will have varying transport requirements. For example, if the equipment contains fluids, these liquids must be drained to avoid spills during transit. Similarly, technicians must disconnect electrical or battery-operated equipment before departure. Working with the specialized team at Nationwide Transport Services helps to ensure safety and compliance in every shipment. 

Why Nationwide Transport Services for Your Aerospace Logistics

Logistics companies might assist with aerospace handling and jet engine transportation, but not all of them will provide the same level of service. Here are five reasons why Nationwide Transport Services is the right choice for you: 

  • Streamlined service: From providing a reliable shipping estimate to securing necessary permits, our load specialists take care of each step in your product's journey. Working with one team streamlines the process and saves you time. 
  • Equipment protection: Incorrectly loading or transporting equipment often results in costly damages. Our experienced team is knowledgeable about aerospace handling requirements, helping to ensure its safe transport. 
  • Improved safety: Relying on our trained team minimizes health and safety risks when moving aerospace equipment. You can rest assured your equipment will arrive safely as we take the utmost caution with your equipment.
  • Enhanced productivity: Logistics delays or equipment damages impact your operations. We partner with thousands of reputable carriers to ensure timely delivery, so there are no disruptions to your workflow. 
  • Custom solutions: One of the most challenging aspects of transporting aerospace equipment is its irregular size. Our extensive selection of cargo transportation equipment enables us to big or small items with ease. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you're looking into shipping or hauling aircraft and spacecraft equipment for the first time, you're likely to have a few questions. Here are some frequently asked queries and their answers for you to consider.

How Can I Ship Aerospace Cargo Safely and Efficiently?

Partnering with a reliable aerospace courier is the most effective way to ship aerospace equipment safely and efficiently. They will handle all necessary steps, such as:

  • Outlining the best possible route for on-time delivery
  • Arranging equipment such as cranes to maneuver heavy equipment
  • Researching compliance regulations and obtaining necessary permits

What Are the Challenges of the Aerospace Supply Chain?

Several challenges impact the aerospace supply chain such as handling oversize products and geo-political and geo-environmental restraints. However, perhaps the greatest obstacle is a lack of skilled workers to confidently handle and transport this valuable equipment.

How Should I Choose an Aerospace Logistics Partner?

Partnering with a reputable aerospace logistics company helps to maintain your professional reputation. Here's what to consider when weighing up your options:

  • Does the company have extensive experience in handling and shipping aerospace equipment?
  • Can they access a global network, enabling seamless international and local shipments?
  • Do they leverage the most recent technology for the most optimized routes and updates?
  • Is the team able to provide knowledgeable forecasting and expert advice?

Extensive experience.

Access to a global network.

Enable seamless international and local shipments.

Recent technology.

Optimized routes and updates.

Knowledgeable forecasting.

Expert advice.

Start Your Aerospace Logistics Journey With Nationwide Transport Services

Handling and transporting aerospace equipment requires extensive industry knowledge and experience. After all, aerospace components are one of the more expensive products to move and even the smallest damages will deem parts unusable.

Nationwide Transport Services is an aerospace logistics company dedicated to providing compliant and on-time services. From aircraft engine transportation to propellers, we have the insights to move each component safely and efficiently. Visit our website for more information about our services or get in touch with our team for a free quote!