Oversize and Overweight Permits

Nationwide Transport Services is a trustworthy partner for anyone looking for shipping permits. Whether your load is oversized or overweight, we will help you get the right permit for its seamless haul. Contact us with the specs of your load for a free estimate.

Let the Pros Help You Acquire The Right Permits For Your Oversized/Overweight Load


Nationwide Transport Services has specialized in helping individuals and businesses acquire permits for oversized and overweight loads. Each state has different permit requirements, and depending on the dimensions and weight of your load and the states it will be traveling through, we will help you acquire the proper permits. Permits are mandatory for loads that exceed the legal load limits. Without them, you’re fined heavily by the DOT for endangering other motorists and structures along the way. That adds to unnecessary expenses but also delays the delivery of your load because it can’t be moved further until the proper permits accompany it. 

We have helped many businesses get permits for their loads for over a decade, giving us the experience required to pull permits on time, even for urgent moves. Contact us today to acquire permits for your load with ease.

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Seamless Permit Acquiring Process For Oversized/Overweight Loads


The size and weight of your load determine the cost of acquiring permits. The more the load exceeds the legal limits, the more the permits will cost. A load is considered oversized when it exceeds the legal limits in either length, width, height, or overhang. Oversized loads that require permits must be transported using specialized trailers such as RGNs and lowboys to accommodate their sizes and weights. Whether transporting oversized construction equipment, farm equipment, heavy machinery, or any other oversized load, you have come to the right company for permits.

We have a team of specialists dedicated to pulling permits. They’re efficient, reliable, and get the job done on time. Depending on the oversized load, they will advise on the best permit. We understand that acquiring permits can be stressful regardless of whether it’s your first time. Therefore, if you transport oversized loads regularly or just this one time, let us make the permit-acquiring process seamless and quick. Call us with accurate load details, or fill out our form for a free quote. 


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Which State Do You Need a Permit For?

Choose the state that your load will be traveling from or to below, and we will help you acquire the right permits for it.

How Do You Know If Your Load Requires Permits For Transport?


The dimensions of a load are calculated by adding the size of the trailer and that of the load. For example, if the height of a trailer is 6ft and that of the load is 10ft, the total height for that load is 16ft. If the legal load limits of that state are 14ft, then that load is said to have exceeded the legal height by 2ft and must be accompanied by a permit. In some states, when the load exceeds specific dimensions, it not only requires permits but also the use of pilot cars. 

Letting a professional like us with knowledge of how pulling permits works not only ensures the right permits accompany your load, but we also advise you on whether you will need pilot cars. It’s important also to note that a load might be considered oversized in one state and not another. Therefore, depending on the states your load will pass by, we ensure it meets all their requirements to avoid fines. Contact us for permits in any of the 50 states.