Sponsorship of ABA Marketplace 2020

Our HeavyHaulers.com Branch also sponsored ABA Marketplace 2020 which was held in Omaha, NEB.  The event was attended by more than 3200 people. Among those were motorcoach and tour operator delegates. This was an event showcasing different bus innovations meant to make the transportation industry effective and efficient. Different manufacturers attended the event accompanied marketers who were selling different concepts to the tour operators, business operators using buses as well other different organizations interested in buses. There was also auctioning in the event that was able to raise $110,000 for the Foundation Scholarship. There was also a networking floor that offered 13 motorcoaches and 129 exhibitors. 

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This is where different ideas and concepts were learnt and exchanged among different people. There was also a lot of business going on as people got different leads important to their businesses as well as future partnership. AutoTransport.com offered shipping service to different customers who managed to buy through the auction. ABA invites different travel and tourism personnels every January annually. This gives different tourism operators, suppliers and exhibitors a forum where they can all interact and get business done. This is an event that generates a lot of money as well as offers businesses growth and opportunities through the networking that happens. It is considered as one of the greatest events of the year for the tourism industry. The Market place is where the business gets done.

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TITLE: Sponsorship of ABA Marketplace 2020

DATE: January 10, 11, 12, 13 & 14th, 2020

FUNDED BY: Nationwide Transport Services, LLC

RECIPIENT: Omaha, Nebraska


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