Electric Vehicles Logistics

The demand for electric vehicles (EVs) is increasing exponentially and with this comes the need for EV logistics. These vehicles need special considerations, especially in the transportation of batteries, vehicle distribution from manufacturers to consumers and the establishment of charging infrastructure. Efficient logistics ensure that EVs and their parts are delivered safely, on time and cost-effectively. Such systems can support the broader adoption of EVs, contributing to a more sustainable future.

The Electric Vehicle Supply Chain

In the EV supply chain, manufacturers process raw materials like cobalt, lithium and nickel into batteries, electronics and motors. Once the vehicles are built, they are transported directly to customers or dealerships. Strict quality control measures throughout this process ensure the vehicle and battery's performance and safety. One of these measures, is ensuring the batteries remain at the 20-80 rule to preserve battery health.

Electrical Vehicle Transportation

EV shipping uses either open trailers, which is reliable but somewhat exposes the vehicle to the elements. Alternatively, enclosed car shipping offers premium protection and protects electric vehicle batteries against extreme temperatures. Shipping requires careful planning to ensure vehicle and their batteries are safe. These special considerations include:

  • Batteries: EV batteries are sensitive components and must be properly secured during transportation. This protects them against hazards like shock or vibration.
  • Equipment: Safely transporting EVs requires specialized equipment, such as charging infrastructure, temperature monitoring systems and secure battery packaging.
  • Climate control: EV batteries are sensitive to temperature extremes and need climate control inside the transport vehicle to prevent damage.
  • Staff training: Staff must be trained on safely loading, securing and unloading EVs.
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Types of EV Handling

Handling in EV logistics involves several key aspects to ensure efficient vehicle delivery. During the pre-delivery inspection, the team examines the vehicle's battery levels and confirms that the software is updated and the vehicle is unscathed.

Shipping Electrical Vehicles

EV shipping costs depend on a few factors:

  • Shipping method: EVs are shipped in open carriers, which are affordable and suitable for short distances. Enclosed trailers may incur extra costs over long distances but offer better protection.
  • Time of year: Due to high seasonal demand, EV shipping prices often increase during the summer and around holidays.
  • Special requirements: EV batteries require special handling and equipment during transport, including tie-downs and disconnect tools, which add to costs.
  • Distance and destination: Remote locations and longer distances, including international shipping, can increase shipping fees.

Fleet Management in EV

Fleet management demands coordination and effective administration of your organization's vehicle fleet. From overseeing the acquisition to maintenance and operation, you need a reliable partner to get your fleet from point A to point B. Benefits of this partnership include:

  • Convenience: Trained professionals will handle the loading and unloading of vehicles while ensuring they are securely fastened for safe delivery.
  • Cost efficiency: Proper fleet management reduces operating costs by optimizing fuel usage, route planning and maintenance schedules.
  • Safety: Fleet management can enhance driver safety through continual monitoring and training programs. These include ensuring vehicles and drivers comply with legal and safety standards.


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Our Specialized EV Logistics Expertise

Partnering with a reliable EV logistics expert ensures that your vehicles move with speed. We specialize in transporting EVs with a team that understands the specific requirements for efficient and secure delivery.

our specialized ev logistics service

Comprehensive Logistics Planning

We offer customized transportation solutions. Our dedicated transport specialists select the best delivery route for your vehicles. You have a dedicated agent who will keep transparent communication and will keep you appraised of dispatch times, tracking and successful delivery. 

Qualified Crews and Equipment

Each agent and crew member is highly trained in logistics and EV handling. We have the right equipment to secure and transport your vehicle. We offer in-depth expertise, on-time delivery, load assistance, a line of credit application and free shipping estimates.

Paperwork and Permits

In the United States, there are several permits to secure to remain compliant with federal and state regulations. Our team of experts can help you secure this paperwork, including:

  • Bill of landing: A bill of landing is necessary for any vehicle transport. It serves as a contract between the owner and transport company and details the shipment's terms and conditions and the vehicle's condition at collection and delivery.
  • Insurance: We offer adequate insurance coverage for your EV during transit. The details will be clearly stated in your contract.
  • State permits and regulations: Each state may have specific vehicle transport requirements. We obtain these permits to remain compliant.

Why Choose Us

At Nationwide Transport Services, we assist with safely and efficiently transporting alternative-fueled vehicles like EVs. From cars to trucks, vans and buses, we have extensive experience in handling these vehicles. We are available 24/7 to help get your EVs to their destination without increasing their mileage. Our services are set apart by experienced drivers, access to responsive customer support representatives, individualized solutions, a range of payment options and cost-effective shipping solutions.

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Transporting EVs can be a complex process, but partnering with the right logistics provider can offer simplification and give you reassurance about your vehicle delivery. Frequently asked questions we get about this include:

How are electric vehicles shipped?

These vehicles are typically shipped by road, rail, sea or air. Sea freight is the most common solution for international shipping due to its cost-effectiveness. Within countries, EV transport can use trucks or trains.

How much does an electric delivery vehicle cost?

EV shipping costs depend on the shipping method, distance and any specific requirements.

What is fleet management in EV?

EV fleet management involves overseeing the maintenance, operation and optimization of a group of electric vehicles. It includes managing charging schedules, tracking vehicle performance, scheduling timely maintenance and using data analytics to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Are EVs classified as dangerous goods?

If the EV meets the requirements under special provision 961, they are not classified as dangerous goods.

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Trust Nationwide Transport Services With Your EV Logistics Needs

As sustainable transport grows, so does the need for efficient logistics, including the infrastructure and overall electric vehicle supply chain needs. It is essential to partner with a company that can fulfill these needs and grow with ongoing advancements in the EV sector.

Since 2009, Nationwide Transport Services has offered specialized EV logistics services. These services include qualified crews, transportation, comprehensive planning and fleet management support. Our team has ample expertise, experience and a commitment to sustainability. 

Whether you own a dealership, a manufacturer or an individual owner, trust Nationwide Transport Services for professional, reliable EV transport solutions. Contact us today for a quote to move your electric vehicles with confidence.