Attendance Ritchie Bros 2020 Auction in Davenport, FL.

Advertising our branch, we attended Ritchie Bros 2020 Auction in Davenport from February 18th to 22nd, 2020. The event had already started on Feb 17th and was to end on 22nd. The 6 day event was the biggest auction of the year helping buyers and sellers of unused heavy equipment, trucks and other vehicles do so conveniently and hassle free. Over 13000 items were sold by 1000+ sellers. Each of the six day had a different category of items getting sold. This was important to help the bidders only show up when the heavy equipment or truck they needed was getting sold. In most days, the auction had 3 simultaneous auctions going on to save on time and to have as many heavy equipment and trucks sold in a day. Therefore, it was important to note which ring the heavy equipment, truck or any other item you needed to purchase was getting auctioned. Among the items shipped in day one were loader backhoes, boom lifts, skip loaders, scissor lifts and more. On day two, wheel loaders, wheel dozers. Farm tractors, sprayers, spreaders, combines, trenchers and many more farm equipment was sold. On day three, four, five and six, more heavy machinery and trucks such as excavators, motor scrapers, motor graders, cranes, tow trucks, water trucks, emergency vehicles, rock trucks, motorcycles and many more were sold.

Offering Reliable Shipping Services at Ritchie Bros Auctions with – a Division Nationwide Transport Services

Advertising our branch, we offered free shipping estimate quotes to each of the buyers or sellers looking to have their heavy equipment, truck of any other assets shipped. Nationwide Transport Services has always been the choice of every  customer in need of transport services. This is because we’re an insured company that is reliable, convenient, timely and fast. We have resources and services stretched everywhere in the US, Canada and Mexico. At the Ritchie Bros auction, we shipped a lot of heavy equipment with our state of art trailers for many clients. We have trailers with capacity and ability to ship heavy equipment of any size, shape, weight or height.  We were able to earn multiple clients who use our services often because they were more than satisfied with our transport services from or to the auction. The Ritchie Bros auction stretched over 200 acres. Ritchie Bros auctions have both online and on-site biddings. Come see us next year!