Attendance at Alex Lyon and Son Auction – Feb, 2020

Advertising our branch, we attended Alex Lyon and Son Auction in Kissimmee, Florida. The event was from February 2nd to 10th  2020. We provided transport services to clients who were shipping their heavy equipment, trucks and more to the auction. Moreover, we helped those who had bought items that needed shipping out of the auction site shipped  to their final destinations. A lot of customers hired our services because we were the most reliable, top rated, well experienced and professional carriers. Our reputation has been known throughout the country and beyond because any customer we serve speaks highly of us. Alex Lyon and Son Auction is located in Bridgeport, New York. They host construction equipment auctions and have clients coming from as far as China, Spain, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Africa. Alex Lyon and Son Auctioneers is the fastest paying Auction in the United States. The goal is always to stand out from alike auctions by delivering hard work and excellence when it comes to customer service.

Impressive Alex Lyon and Son Auction 2020. 

The 9 day event was the 26th Annual Florida auction that was one of the largest sales auctions of the year. Among the items that were getting auctioned were construction equipment, aerials, forklifts, cranes, dump trucks, truck tractors, trailers, support and attachments. Like most auctions, Alex Lyon and Son Auction 2020 had a schedule of each day showing the items that were getting sold on that specific day and specifying the rings. Auctions have  heavy equipment getting sold simultaneously in different rings. Therefore, to avoid confusion and disappointments, bidders are always advised to be aware of the ring where the heavy equipment they want will be sold. This helps save time because everyone knows where they should be to get the item they came for. The multiple rings save time as well because a lot of items are sold within no time compared to auctioning an item at a time. Nationwide Transport Services does not miss out on any of the Alex Lyon and Son Auction and attend each and every year! Our loyal customers always use our services and refer us to anyone else in need of fast and reliable shipping services. See us next year!