Nationwide Transport Services End Of The Year Celebration – December 2020

Nationwide Transport will be holding our end of the year celebration on December the 12th, 2020. This will be to celebrate another great year full of success and new ventures. In between our common events and branch outings, we always hold yearly celebrations to appreciate each one of our employees by rewarding them with an acknowledgment of our appreciation with their significant others – Always awarding those who out did themselves from the previous year. We make sure everyone attends by flying in any long distance branches to where the celebration will be held hosting their stay. In our past events we have awarded our employees laptops, money, cruises and much more. Every year is always different and better as we’re always growing. At NTS, we appreciate our employees and award them to keep them motivated on a daily basis. However, the end of year celebration is always the best time to celebrate and award our teams overall performance.

New Year Goals at NTS

All our end of year celebrations are always accompanied by new year goals for the company, each branch and for the employees. This is to help us start another year ready to achieve more than the previous year for not only our business but for the individuals lives and finances. Jason Foltz, the owner of the company gets to talk to everyone about the goals to meet in the following year as well as thanking everyone for their hard work and cooperation towards making our company great and known all over the country and beyond. Different managers also get a chance to give their thanks to employees in their branches as well as talk about the goals they have set as heads of different branches. We always have inter competitions between different branches and the branch that tops the chart at the end of the year gets awarded. Therefore, our employees are always working towards outshining each other to get individual awards as well as work as a team to ensure that their branch tops and carries the prize home. Through the celebrations, employees also get to learn from each other through interactions.