Transportation Marketing and Sales Conference 2019

Attendance at TMSA Logistics Marketing & Sales Conference in June 2019

We attended the 3-day TMSA Logistics Marketing & Sales Conference held on June 9-12, 2019 at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort near Jacksonville, Florida. The conference was attended by almost 250 sales, marketing, communications and business strategy expertise in the transportation and logistics industry. Among the things we learnt was how to improve CX digitally, ways to best meet the needs of our customers, enabling our people to deliver the best customer experiences and much more. The event was opened and closed by Robert Rose of The Content Advisory. He spoke about how different transportation and logistics companies create customer experiences driving awareness, generating new leads and enhancing sales in innovative practices.Through the knowledge from the event, we’ve strengthened our individual development, business and industry at large.

TMSA Logistics Marketing & Sales Conference Impact on Transport and Logistics Industry

Over 70 percent of the attendees represented third party logistics companies with the rest being rail and maritime players and technology innovators. The aim of the 2019 TMSA Logistics Marketing & Sales Conference was to educate the attendees how customer experience (CX) is impacted by marketing and sales. The 3 day event was divided into 30 educational sessions to strengthen results. Among the topics discussed in those sessions was; best marketing practices, automation, customer experience strategy sales, communications, Return On Investment (ROI) and much more. TMSA’s mission is to empower marketing and sales specialists with knowledge in sales and marketing integration, content marketing, disruptive blockchain technologies and much more. Transport Marketing and Sales Association (TMSA) has been helping sales and marketing professionals for nearly a decade learn and improve the transportation and logistics industry through education, connections and resources.