Air Freight

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Air Freight Definition

Air freight is the shipment of goods by use of an air carrier. This mode of transport is mainly used for transporting express goods that are time sensitive. It's efficient and has high levels of security minimising any risk of theft or damage. Air freight can be used to transport all sorts of goods including perishable ones like flowers. Air freight is expensive. Therefore, if you don’t need your shipment within the shortest time possible, you can opt for other forms of transport and save some money.

Air Freight Costs and Delivery

The cost of air freight varies from one shipment to another because it’s influenced by factors such as weight, distance between pick up and drop off location, package type among others. Air freight service providers have different packages you can choose from. Despite all of them being fast, some are faster than others. The faster the package the more you will have to pay. Air crafts have limited space thus the high cost for transporting goods through this option.

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