Conestoga Trailer

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Conestoga Trailer Definition

A Conestoga Trailer, also known as a curtain-side trailer, has tarp coverings to protect equipment and cargo from the natural wear and tear elements of the road. Conestoga Trailer tarps are retractable and allow loading from all three sides. The trailer transports freight between 42,000 and 45,000 lbs. They have a maximum width and height of 8 ft, but their length can be between 48 to 53 ft.

Types of Conestoga Trailers

Different types of Conestoga Trailers include:

  • Flatbed Conestoga Trailers: Transport standard freight and equipment.
  • Step Deck Conestoga Trailers: Transporting overheight equipment.
  • Double-Drop Conestoga Trailers: Ships freight that is less than 36,000 pounds and has a maximum height of 9.8 ft.

Speak with an expert logistics agent to determine the best Conestoga Trailer to ship your equipment.

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