Curb Weight

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What’s Curb Weight?

Curb weight is a vehicle's total weight, including all the standard equipment and a tank full of fuel. It’s not inclusive of the goods, people, or optional equipment. It’s important to know the curb weight of a vehicle if you plan to ship or tow it behind another vehicle. That allows you to know the trailer to use or the towing vehicle with enough strength to move it. Trailers have a maximum weight limit which must be adhered to. Therefore, the carrier has to know the car's curb weight to know how many can be shipped on one trailer in a single trip. 

Curb Weight - In The Field

If you’re not sure about the vehicle's curb weight, you can calculate it by subtracting its payload from the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). The GVWR of a vehicle is found on the vehicle’s compliance label, while the payload is found on the tire specification label. For example, if the GVWR of your vehicle is 6200 lbs and its payload is 1300 lbs, the curb weight will be 6200 - 1300 = 4900lbs

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