Deadhead Meaning

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What’s Deadhead?

Deadhead is driving a semi-truck that has an empty trailer. That happens when the driver has dropped off a load and has to pick up another one. Truck deadheading can be dangerous because high winds quickly flip empty trailers, which can be fatal. In addition, deadhead miles can be unprofitable if the driver isn’t paid because they will still use fuel. However, some companies pay drivers for deadheading to pick up their load. Many drivers check if a broker will offer them deadhead mileage compensation before they accept a job. 

Deadhead - In The Field

Drivers face all sorts of challenges along the way while deadheading. That includes high winds to black ice. High winds are strong enough to cause large empty trailers to sway or flip over. As a result, drivers are advised to take caution during hurricane season. In 2020 alone, about 45 trucks flipped over on Utah highways because of high winds. 

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