Dispatch and Dispatcher

Dispatch and Dispatcher

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Dispatch and Dispatcher Definition

The dispatcher, or shipping agent, often works for a logistics company. A dispatcher receives a call from a customer who requires a freight shipment. They gather all the details, provide a quote, and dispatch the load to the appropriate driver if the client agrees to the price.

Dispatch means the freight is ready for transport. The shipping agent, or the dispatcher, requests a driver with the proper trailer to pick up the cargo. The dispatcher receives an estimated pickup time, which they relay to the customer. When the driver arrives, they load the freight and debark.

What A Dispatcher Needs Properly Dispatch Freight

Information the dispatcher requires includes: 

  • Freight type
  • Freight specs
  • Origin
  • Destination
  • Load assistance requirements
  • Special amenities
  • And more. 

The more information the customer provides the dispatcher, the more accurate the shipping quote. Plus, they can ensure the best driver and trailer to ship the cargo.

The Essentials to Understanding Freight Shipping

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