Dispatch Sheet

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What’s Dispatch Sheet?

A dispatch sheet is a a record kept by the dispatcher throughout the operation. It includes times, trips assigned to drivers, identification numbers, dates, and other important information. A dispatch sheet is used to track daily activities within a company to ensure deliveries are made on time. With a dispatch sheet, it’s easy to group tasks into either high-level priority, mid-level priority, or low-level priority.

Dispatch Sheet - In The Field

High-level priority means the issue needs to be attended to immediately thus to avoid any inconveniences. For a logistics company, this could mean the shipment has to be dispatched immediately to avoid disappointing the client. Mid-level priority doesn’t need an immediate response and can be handled at any time of the day. Finally, low-level priority means the issue can be dealt with within a week or more. A dispatch sheet helps the dispatcher stay ahead of schedule while tracking activities.

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