Escort Vehicle

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Escort Vehicle Definition

An escort vehicle, also called a pilot car, guides oversize loads through highways and streets. Escort vehicles are not only for the driver's and oversize freight safety, but for other motorists on the road. 

Escort vehicle requirements vary. Some may guide the load from the front. Others may follow the truck. In some instances, the transport requires two escort vehicles. It's determined based on state and DOT regulations.

Escort Vehicle Requirements

Escort vehicle and escort vehicle operation (EVO) requirements are as follows for most states: 

    • Age: 18 or 21, depending on the state. 
    • Certifications typically last 3 to 5 years. 
    • The EVO must not display any badge, shield, emblem, uniform color, or design that somebody may mistake for law enforcement. 
    • Escort vehicles must enable EVO to see 360 degrees from the driver's seat. 
    • Oversize load sign on top of the vehicle. 
    • STOP/SLOW Paddles in the vehicle. 
    • And more. 

Always check the escort vehicle and EVO requirements in your state or any state you plan on driving in.

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