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What does inoperable mean?

Also known as non-running, these are vehicles or machinery that can't be driven into a carrier. That means the carrier has to use a different method to get it on the trailer. Inoperable are expensive to transport because auto transport companies use more than operable vehicles or machinery. Transportation of inoperable vehicles and machinery is done on open carriers or enclosed trailers. Loading inoperable vehicles on open trailers is done using a winch. The type of winch used depends on the car or machinery being shipped.

Inoperable - In The Field

Loading inoperable on enclosed trailers on the hand is done using a liftgate. Liftgates are ideal for low clearance vehicles because they limit movement protecting the car from any damage. Inoperable classic, custom, luxurious and sports cars are best shipped on enclosed trailers because they’re protected from elements such as snow and fast flying rocks that could damage the car. In some cases, the carrier provides batteries used for jumpstarting the vehicles. Transporting inoperable vehicles requires more workforce and resources at the pick-up and drop-off locations.

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