Non-Binding Estimate

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What’s a Non-Binding Estimate?

A non-binding estimate is a quote built upon the weight of the clients' goods. However, it's not cast in stone. The charges incurred can keep changing depending on the actual weight moved. A non-binding estimate is the most renowned interstate estimate. It entails the weight measurement and the number of packaging materials in your shipment. The carrier estimates the total weight based on the availed inventory they projected for you. Afterward, the goods are loaded onto the truck, which is measured to ascertain the actual weight.

Importance of a Non-Binding Estimate

It’s a charge that clients should carefully consider before accepting as it can lead to frustrations during payment if it increases. However, the Federal Motor Carrer Safety Administration (FMCSA) states that you should pay the difference in payment thirty days after delivery. Therefore, a moving company can't subject a client to pay more than 110% more than a non-binding estimate before delivery. A non-binding estimate is nevertheless advantageous as, in some cases, the actual weight is less than expected; hence, a client pays less. If you’re keen on research, many moving companies are reliable and strive to provide the most accurate estimates. Therefore, no need to worry.

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