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Door-to-Ramp Definition

Door-to-ramp auto transport refers to picking up the vehicle at a customer's home and then transporting it to an intermodal terminal, where it gets loaded into a container via a ramp.

An intermodal terminal is a facility that moves containers between different modes of transport.

From there, a driver transports the container, or the container gets loaded onto a ship for international transport.

Types of Ramps

A few ramps used for vehicle and equipment transport include: 

  • Folding ramps
  • Nonfolding ramps
  • Aluminum loading ramps
  • Arched loading ramps
  • Forklift ramps
  • Step deck trailer ramps
  • Trailer dolly ramps

And more. Depending on the vehicle and trailer type, the transport agent ensures the driver has the proper ramp for loading.

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