Ro-Ro Ship

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What’s a ro-ro ship?

Ro-Ro in whole means roll-on/roll-off. A roll-on/roll-off ship is a vessel whose purpose is to carry wheeled cargo. A ro-ro ship uses built-in ramps to load and unload vehicles. In some ships, ramps lie on the stern; in others, on the bow and sides. These ships include cruise ferries, barges, and cargo ships. Ro-Ro ships used to ship trucks and cars across oceans are called Pure Truck & Car Carriers (PCTC) and Pure Car Carriers (PCC), respectively. Ro-Ro cargo is typically measured in LIMs (lanes in meters units). That is by multiplying the number of decks by the cargo length in meters by the width of lanes. The lane width is different across various vessels and several industry standards.

Is a Ro-Ro Ship Safe?

When shipping your cargo, there is always a question of safety. So, are ro-ro ships safe? Ideally, they are safe, but several factors need paramount attention to ascertain security. They include stability, the crew, cargo access door, stowage and securing, and life-saving appliances. Once you settle on using a ro-ro ship, you enjoy some advantages. They include speed and efficiency since both trucks and cars can drive on and off these ships. Finally, it’s an efficient way for people to move with their private cars from point A to B. 

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