Axle Load

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Axle Load Definition

Axle load refers to the total weight bearing of a wheeled vehicle on the road for all wheels attached to a given axle. The freight axle load or axial weight refers to the weight limit allowed on each axle over the highways, such as semi-trucks. Exceeding road weight limit capacity may cause damage to the road and a danger to the driver or other motorists. Drivers must periodically go through weigh stations to ensure they aren't overloaded. Exceeding axle load limitations can incur fines.

Importance of Adhering to Axle Load Limit

Several benefits are associated with adherence to the axle load:

  1. It helps avoid fines related to exceeding the set measurements.
  2. You can maximize profits by understanding the axial weight, as you can load your truck up to that limit without saving on any weight.
  3. Potentially reducing mechanic and repair costs.

Axle load monitoring system provides remote vehicle diagnostics with an air suspension system, prevents the transportation of unauthorized commodities, and registers locations where the truck is loaded and unloaded. Use an automated axle load control system for the most accurate measurements. 

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