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Bobtail Definition

In trucking, bobtail, commonly called bobtailing, refers to truckers driving without an attached trailer. Usually, this happens when a truck driver is on their way to collect a loaded trailer. It could be a power-only situation, or they're even picking up their own trailer. It also occurs when they return to a terminal after unloading a trailer.


Everything You Need to Know About Bobtailing

Most drivers prefer not to bobtail because they prefer not to deadhead: It's not cost-efficient. Bobtailing back without a load means there's nothing to offset the cost of the journey.

Drivers may want to get a bobtail insurance plan, even if their bobtailing time is brief. In the event of an accident, bobtail insurance covers third-party injuries, property damage, legal fees, and more.

This is not financial or legal advice. Always consult a financial advisor or insurance professional about the best options for you.

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