Open Air Transport

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What’s open-air transport?

Open-air transport is the use of trailers that are not closed on the roof or sides to ship cargo. Open-air transport is carried out using trailers with two decks that can transport about seven vehicles per trip depending on the size, or one deck that can transport a maximum of 2 to 3 vehicles per trip. When it comes to 2 deck open carriers, small vehicles are shipped in the lower deck while large vehicles go to the upper deck. The trailers used for open-air transport range between 75 to 80 feet in length.

Open Air Transport - In The Field

Open-air transport is the most used mode of transport. It’s cost-effective and safe. With open-air transport, the shipper only pays for the space occupied by their load. However, open-air transport can be slow because the carrier has to stop in different locations to drop off and pick loads. Open-air transport is used by both individuals, businesses, and dealerships. Open-air transport makes it easy to inspect vehicles during integrity checks because the driver can see all sides. On the downside, vehicles shipped using open-air carriers are exposed to elements and bad weather.

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