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Tarping is the covering of goods on an open trailer while they’re in transit. That could be for several reasons, bad weather or to protect the goods from external factors such as dirt. The first step should be to even out the trailer and ensure all sides are equal when tarping. That’s to ensure some areas aren’t taller or wider than others because that means the tarp won’t cover the goods evenly. After that, the second step is to place the tarp on the goods. You can either use help because tarps can be quite heavy or a forklift.

Tarping - In The Field

Once the tarp is well placed, you can now proceed and unfold it,, covering all sides of the goods. Once you confirm every inch of the goods is covered, you can now tie down the tarp. Confirm it's well tied down to avoid having loose ends that could let in the wind, which can be a danger to the goods and yourself. The size of tarps differs depending on the trailer used. Therefore if you’re to buy a tarp, ensure that you know the dimensions of the traileryou will be using.

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