Top Load

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What's top load?

Top load refers to where a load is placed on a carrier during transport. In this case, top load is the transportation of the cargo on the highest point of a trailer. If you’re using an open carrier with two decks for example, your car will be a top load if placed on the top deck. Transporting any cargo as a top load is more expensive. That’s because your load is protected from elements such as dust and fast moving stones that might hit it. If your car is placed on the bottom deck and the car above it is leaking, for example, its fluids will be all over your car.

Top Load - In The Field

Top load is suitable for anyone transporting any valuable, luxurious, classic or custom load but doesn’t want to pay for enclosed transport. This is because your load will be fully protected from elements and delivered safely. You have to book early for top load transport  because it's usually on demand. When you transport a cargo as a top load, you’re almost guaranteed it's going to be delivered safely. Despite having to pay a little more, it's very much worth it.

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