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What’s a TWIC Card?

Also known as a Transportation Worker Identification credential, a TWIC card is a document required by Maritime Transportation Security Act for anyone who needs access to secure areas such as maritime facilities and vessels. The TSA has to conduct a background check on anyone who applies for a TWIC card to determine their eligibility. Applying for a TWIC card for the first time costs $125.25 and $60 for replacement. 

Who Uses a TWIC Card?

For transportation workers involved with ports, boats, port facilities, and continental shelf facilities, TWIC cards are essential to have unrestricted access. You can apply for a TWIC card in person or through an in-person appointment. For in-person appointments, you have to schedule an appointment in advance and carry with you documents such as a U.S passport, driver’s license, or birth certificate. They will also need your fingerprints and facial photograph. 

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