The Best Truck Stops in America to Visit in 2024

The Best Truck Stops in America to Visit in 2024

Truck drivers need adequate rest and proper nutrition while in transit to energize and continue the journey the next day for their well-being. Enough sleep is vital because it reduces fatigue, alerting truckers on the road while transporting goods. Having the right rest stops is essential as it helps drivers revitalize through proper meals and enough rest.

Truckers and fleet managers should select the best stops that offer unique and fun driver experience, safety, fuel, showers, toilets, and healthy meals. Here are some unmatched truck stops in the USA that you should consider visiting in 2024.

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The Best Truck Stops in America

Trucking doesn’t have to be a tedious experience for truckers when shipping goods to their destination. Fleet managers and owners must pick up truck stops that provide a wide range of services for the convenience of the truck drivers.

The National Association of Truck Stop Operators cites over 2,500 truck stops in America. Read on to learn the best rest stops truckers should consider in 2024.

1. Iowa 80 – Walcott, Iowa

Apart from being the world’s most prominent stop for truck drivers, it is also considered the best. Iowa 80 truck stop offers 900 parking spaces for large and semi trucks and 250 car spots. The massive facility is a mecca for truckers because they can access:

  • Private showers
  • A barbershop
  • Workout room.
  • Truck maintenance
  • Fuel stations to refuel trucks
  • Movie theater to watch favorite movies or shows
  • Restaurants for healthy meals.
  • Dental center to treat dental issues
  • Chiropractor services
  • A cat scale
  • Custom shop, gift store, and convenience store
  • Driver den and laundry.

2. Flynn’s Truck Plaza – Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

Flynn’s Truck Plaza is among the best truck driver rest stops in the USA. After long hours of trucking, the drivers can access several services at the stop to make their journey ahead as smooth as possible.

The haven has 300 parking spaces for many trailers and trucks as the drivers get rest, food, and refreshments. Other services and amenities at the truck stop that provide relaxation, convenience, and entertainment include:

  • 24-hour fueling station
  • Maintenance services such as repairs and tire service
  • Trailer washout.
  • Clean showers
  • A whirlpool
  • Pool table and game room
  • A convenience store,
  • Laundromat
  • A truckers lounge
  • Area’s hotels and restaurants

3. Pilot Travel Center – Mill Hall, Pennsylvania

As a family-owned truck stop that opened its doors in 2020, Pilot Travel Center is an excellent place for truckers after trucking for hours. The driver-oriented spot offer:

  • Safe and large spaces for trucks
  • A wash bay
  • Wi-Fi
  • Clean showers and restrooms
  • Fuels
  • Preventative maintenance services,
  • Engine oils for trailers or trucks
  • Restaurants for fresh foods and drinks

4. Kenley 95 Petro – Kenly, North Carolina

Based in North Carolina, Kenly 95 is among the finest and most convenient rest stops that truly understand and meet truckers’ needs. It is part of the Iowa 80 Group and the most significant truck stop on the American East Coast. The truck stop features:

  • A barbershop
  • Laundry area
  • Shower places for truckers to freshen up
  • Truck servicing
  • Fuel
  • Three hundred fifty parking spaces for trucks, trailers, and semi-trucks.
  • A convenience store, custom shop, and gift store
  • Driver den to catch their favorite show and socialize,
  • Super truck showroom that is always open.

5. Jubitz Travel Center – Portland, OR

The last but not least option to make the list of the best American truck stops is the Jubitz Truck Stop & Travel Center. Opened in 1952, the impressive truck stop provides exceptional services that exceed truckers’ expectations. The nationally recognized Portland icon offers fleet companies and truckers the following services and amenities that make them outstanding.

  • Over 250 free and well-lit parking spots for trucks, including semi-trucks
  • Bobtail units
  • 18 reserved parking spots
  • 9 Fuel lanes
  • Clean and private showers and Jacuzzi tubs
  • A convenience store that is fully stocked and open 24 hours
  • Restaurants offer hot meals and refreshing drinks
  • 24-hour truck scale to ensure compliance with highway weight regulations
  • Cinema or movie theater
  • Meeting spaces like Cascade room and lounge & grill areas.
  • Moe’s Deli for snacks
  • Blue Beacon Truck Wash offers washout needs
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The above truck stops made the list of the top five places to visit in America in 2024. They are among the most outstanding rest stops because of the impressive, clean, and excellent services and amenities that make the journey ahead for drivers as smooth as possible.

Trucking experts prefer places with numerous facilities because they provide enough rest, comfort, entertainment, and delicious food and refreshments.


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