The Top Electronic Log Devices For Truckers

The Top Electronic Log Devices For Truckers

Truckers, fleet owners, and managers of a shipping company should install electronic log devices (ELDs) in trucks when transporting cargo and equipment. The ELD devices offer numerous benefits for truck drivers, including accuracy in logistics and tracking hours of service.

These devices also help truckers and fleet managers comply with all set regulations and save time during the logging procedure. There are many ELD options that you can use in your shipping company. Read on to learn which ones made our list.

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What Are Electronic Log Devices?

Electronic logging devices (ELDs) are electronic logbooks that fleet managers and truck drivers use to simplify processes and monitor shipment locations. The e-logs are small devices that resemble GPS tools that collect data when transporting cargo and facilitate the transfer of information from the trucker to the shipping company. They can also be in the form of smartphones with ELD software.

The Importance of Electronic Log Devices

According to the HOS regulations and laws, fleet owners use electronic logbooks to replace traditional paper logbooks. The e-logs are vital for carriers and drivers because they help them collect and maintain records that fleet managers or owners review.

With ELD software in place, the fleet owner can evaluate the distance driven and check the engine’s status and operational hours when calculating hours of service to confirm compliance.

The ELD devices are essential for many reasons, including:

  • Accurate data recording and record keeping
  • Compliance with DOT and HoS laws
  • Fuel management
  • Enhancing communication through automated alerts
  • Improving safety
  • Vehicle and driver identification

In addition, electronic logging devices are essential for fleet management for numerous reasons. The GPS-like tools help fleet managers review reports and analyze collected data before making vital data-driven decisions. They use the stored data to evaluate the driver’s performance, track driving speed and braking, and monitor shipment location in real time.

The ELD system significantly improves the fleet management process. It helps prevent issues such as penalties that arise from non-compliance with DOT or HOS regulations. When inspecting and auditing the accessible ELD records, shipping companies can find inefficiencies and logistical issues during transportation.

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The Top 5 ELD Devices We Recommend

Out of the many ELD devices in the shipping industry, the following are our top recommendations.

  • Garmin eLog

It is one of the best electronic logging devices for drivers and fleet managers. Most shipping companies prefer the Garmin e-log because it is compatible with most semi-trucks and works perfectly with Android and iOS tablets and smartphones. It ensures compliance with the ELD mandate, HOS, and DOT laws.

  • Motive ELD

Formerly known as KeepTruckin ELD, it is among the top five electronic logs for fleet management. The moderately-priced device has many vital and additional features, such as an intuitive interface, driver scorecards, HOS alerts on violations, log records, and GPS location tracking, making it stand out. The device is the best for fleet management because it enables managers to monitor the cargo and manage fuel use.

  • Matrack ELD

If you are looking for an affordable electronic log device, then Matrack should be your choice. The device uploads its data to smartphones, tablets, and other devices but not to the cloud. Fleet owners and managers should consider this ELD software because it is easy to use and offers low monthly payment plans.

  • Samsara ELD

Samara electronic logs make our top 5 list because they are the best for comprehensive fleet management. Fleet managers or owners use the device because of its numerous features, including an app and hardware that checks compliance, GPS tracking, fuel maintenance, and track cargo. The ELD log is also the best because of its ease of installation, intuitive interface, 24/7 support, and affordability.

  • Teletrac Navman ELD

Fleet managers or owners who want a device that provides customized solutions to their fleet management issues should consider this option.

Teletrac Navman allows users to build an ELD software bundle that fits their wants. You can use the electronic logging device to view available driver hours, calculate IFTA tax miles, add dam cams, get real-time alerts, and keep drivers safe during transportation.


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