Pay NTS by Credit Card

Pay By Credit or Debit

Nationwide Transport Services LLC is always looking for new ways to make our shipping services easy and hassle-free. We accommodate a number of payment options for the convenience of our customers. Among them, is paying using PayPal. With just a click of a button, you can now pay for a shipment at the comfort of your home. When you click on the link given, it takes you into your PayPal account where you complete the transaction. Paying using PayPal is simpler than any other form of payment will ever get. With just a few steps, you can now pay electronically then sit and wait for a stress-free shipment to be delivered at your doorstep knowing your payment is secure.

With PayPal, you are protected. Paypal is known for offering the best security and customer protection. Therefore, you can easily pay for a shipment from your phone using Paypal because it’s safe.
Transacting using PayPal has been considered to be safer than using credit card numbers or bank account information. With Paypal, all the information stays in one place which is ‘PayPal’ unlike with bank accounts where you have to give your bank information online to the vendors you are buying from. Avoid delays and pay for our shipping services using PayPal. It’s secure and easy. Nationwide Transport Services LLC only accepts payments through methods that mind the customers’ safety and privacy.

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