20FT Standard Shipping Container Transport and Moving Services

20ft standard shipping containers are a few of the many types we transport. Our professionals will help you transport single or multiple 20ft shipping containers to and from every state. Get a free estimate today!

20FT Standard Container Moving Services in the US and Canada

What are Standard 20-foot Shipping Containers?

Standard 20-foot shipping containers are among the most used containers globally. They are efficient and readily available. Additionally, they have a simple make, which most people prefer since their cargo is ideally suited to these containers. 

Nationwide Transport Services has over 13 years of experience transporting 20ft standard containers across all states and Canada. We’ve helped thousands of customers successfully transport loaded and empty standard 20ft shipping containers safely and at an affordable cost. Get your 20ft standard container transport estimate today!


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Dimensions and Features Of 20 Foot Standard Containers

Standard 20-foot containers have an external stretch of 8 feet width, 20 feet length, and 8.6 feet height. On the other hand, their internal array is 7'9" in width, 19'4" in length, and a height of 7'10". A standard 20-foot shipping container can fit a total of 311 cardboard boxes. However, in archive boxes of average size, you can fit up to 933 of them.

Standard 20-foot containers are highly usable. They can carry furniture well enough to fit a four-bedroom house. Some essentials that can fit here include a single bed and its mattress, two double beds, mattresses, a desk and chair office, a dining table, at least four bicycles, a television, and a wardrobe. Nationwide Transport Services is experienced in transporting 20ft standard containers loaded with household items and furniture. Get a free quote today.

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20FT Standard Shipping Container Transport Services

Trailers Used to Transport Standard 20FT Containers

Transporting standard shipping containers necessitates using various trailers depending on various factors. When moving a standard 20-foot shipping container, various trailers are suitable based on functionality. They include;

  • Container chassis trailers: This trailer is used to load the containers. They are preferable due to their simplicity, economical, strength, rigidity, and multiple variations.
  • Gooseneck trailers: A gooseneck container chassis offers reliability. Its braking system is dependable, and its suspension quality is top-notch. In addition, gooseneck trailers carry an electrical setup and a frame assembly.
  • Flatbed trailers are very popular in standard shipping container transport. They have some of the best features for shipping a standard 20-foot container. They are designed to accommodate different standard containers. The container is secured by twist-lock devices located at the bottom.
  • Extended container trailers: This trailer's extendable feature makes it highly suitable for shipping a standard 20-foot container. However, extreme attention is required during the placement of the container. Extendable trailers have a single disadvantage: when fully extended in length, they tend to cause traffic.


Moving Standard 20 Foot Shipping Containers in North America

Moving a standard 20-foot container with or without cargo can take much time and effort. Collecting the necessary documents without guidance, especially over long distances, handling the container and its contents correctly, and making a timely delivery can be challenging for anybody. At Nationwide Transport Services, we have set up a community for our clients looking to have their standard shipping containers seamlessly moved between points. Our equipment is up to date to ensure proper loading and unloading of the containers. We ensure that our esteemed clients enjoy the value of their money and continuous shipment updates and feedback. We take immense joy in your satisfaction. Don’t hesitate to make a booking with us.