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Conex Container Transport Services in the US and Canada


A Conex container, also known as a Conex box, cargo container, or shipping container, hails from an Abbreviation of two words: container and express. Such containers can easily be transported by any means, hence the origin of their names. Initially, they were developed during the war for shipping and storing supplies. The major countries involved in their use were Korea, where the United States military felt great success, leading them to adopt them as well. They were a great revolution in improving efficiency in the bulk movement of military commodities.

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What are the Dimensions and features Conex Containers?

Like all other containers designed by container manufacturers, Conex containers have a width of 8 feet and different lengths. However, most commonly used containers range between 10 feet, 20 feet, and 40 feet. These containers are endowed with various unique and practical features that improve their efficiency immensely; such features include;

  • Corrugated steel sheets
  • Skids on the bottom that ensure it doesn’t slip when being tacked
  • To prevent theft, they have specialized interlocking mechanism
  • They can also withstand force and strains
  • Their strength, safety, and compatibility also stand out

Which trailers are used in Conex container transportation?

Conex containers are shipped using various trailers such as flatbed trailers, goosenecks, and chassis. However, the container chassis is the most preferable option for various reasons. A container chassis can move a 40-foot or 20-foot Conex container with only two axles. Their weight limits are 44,000 pounds and 36,000 pounds, respectively.

There are various chassis types, for instance;

Tilt Container Chassis

It offers effortless loading and unloading of containers. Its lower and upper frames add safety to the processes.

Extendable Chassis

They are especially popular because they can be adjusted to carry different containers. This feature allows them to be used for many more tasks.

Common Chassis

These trailers don’t have any tailoring, so they require overhead cranes when loading or unloading cargo. Due to their simple nature, common chassis are also easy to operate.

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What Are The Uses of Conex Shipping Containers?

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Conex containers have not lost their use; they are now more needed than ever. They serve the following purposes;

  • Transportation of products and other goods across oceans
  • They can also be used as shifting containers and house renovation
  • Storage of equipment in any space, such as homes
  • Storage of agricultural equipment
  • They serve as storage for weighty documents within office spaces

Conex Containers are mainly used as storage spaces nationwide and in Canada as they are cost-effective.




Nationwide Transport Services guarantees safe and reliable transportation of Conex containers across all states and internationally at affordable rates. We plan to have your Conex containers picked up, carefully loaded on a suitable trailer, and accompanied by the proper paperwork. BOL forms are mandatory during transport to ensure that we have a record of the shipment before transport to help us know if it was delivered in a similar condition. All our Conex container moving services, and if anything were to happen to your load while in our care, you're guaranteed total compensation. You also get to experience the privilege of working with a dedicated specialist who will handle all your transport needs from beginning to end. Book your Conex container transport with us today!