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Nationwide Transport Services is a reliable high cube container transport company. Despite these containers being a bit larger than the standard size, we move them across the country and internationally safely. Get your free estimate today.

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High cube containers are regular metallic containers used in land, rail, and sea cargo transportation. Their ease in enduring harsh conditions makes them essential for such shipping. They can easily be mixed up with the standard containers as they share some dimensions. The critical difference between these two is the additional 12 inches of space within a high cube container. Due to their increased volume, they are recommended when moving taller cargo. Despite their more prominent appearance, high cube containers are lightweight.

Nationwide Transport Services personnel have years of experience, which helps us handle high-cube containers during transport to ensure they're delivered safely. Whether loaded or empty, we will get your high-cube containers anywhere you need them in the United States, Canada, and Mexico safely and on time. Fill out our form below for a free estimate, or call us for a free consultation.


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These containers are exceptional for their sizes. They also come with other features that make them extremely useful; they include;

  1. Durability and Water Resistance. They have galvanized anti-corrosive steel structures that reduce risks such as extreme weather and theft.
  2. Storage of Goods. However, temporary, high-cube containers are used to store cargo after unloading. 
  3. Transportation of special cargo. High cube sizes allow for modifications such as ventilation and air conditioning. Hence, they can move sensitive goods such as electrical equipment.

High cube containers also make good cost efficiency and easy movement.

Different Types of High Cube Containers and Their Uses

High Cube Container Dimensions and Features

High cube containers come mainly in three variants: 20, 40, and 45 feet. Therefore, inspecting your preferred container for dimensions before using it is mandatory to ensure usability. 

20 Feet High Cube Container

These 9 feet 6 inches containers are the most popular high cube containers. They are critical for general usability, such as storage, transportation, and securing cargo. Recommended features include ventilation, lock boxes, and side ventilation. They are also watertight, with plywood floors that prevent moisture and fungus.

40 Feet High Cube Containers

Similar to their 20 ft counterparts, these containers also showcase a 9'6" exterior height. As regulated by the ISO, their maximum door size is 8'5" high. As such, they can load large amounts of cargo weighing 26,300 kg. They carry oversized cargo and comparatively less bulky contents. Nevertheless, they require less than 100 feet of area for loading or vice versa.

45 feet High Cube Containers

Like the other two, the 45-foot-high cube container also boasts an exterior height of 9'6" feet. It can carry loads weighing up to 27,860 kg and 86 cubic meters, respectively. As such, it is used to move huge cargo such as furniture.

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Trailers Used For Moving High Cube Containers


When shipping a high cube container, it's paramount to analyze the choice of trailer. Due to their exaggerated height, shipping a high cube container requires a step deck trailer. A step deck trailer ensures highway height rules and regulations are adhered to. However, specialized trailers such as Lowboys and RGNs are also ideal for transporting these containers, especially when hauling oversized and heavy loads. When booking to transport a high cube container with us, ensure you provide us with accurate weight so that the specialist handling your shipment can ensure it's loaded on the right trailer. In addition, it helps us know to provide the correct loading and unloading equipment if you don't have one. Book our high cube container moving services now!



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With over a decade of experience, we're not intimidated by the size or weight of any shipping container. Loaded or empty, we know how to handle them all. In addition, our high cube container transport and moving services are affordable and timely. Our experts get you the best rates in the market and ensure your shipment is handled carefully from pick up to delivery. Before your high cube is loaded on a suitable trailer, we inspect it and fill out a bill of lading form that helps us know if it was delivered safely. Our professional drivers are rigger crew near you, ready to transport your high cube container anywhere. Our pride is in making high-cube container shipments a seamless journey for our clients. Book with us today!