LCL Trucking Company Services

Like less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments, a less-than-container-load (LCL) shipment is a larger load that doesn't take up all the available space for freight. However, LTL freight refers to shipments transported by truck — LCL loads can travel over ground or water. Sometimes called groupage shipping, many companies may share a single LCL carrier. This option makes sending LCL freight to its destination more cost-effective. 

Our Mission

Many clients who select an LCL shipment need to ship their freight internationally or over bodies of water. To make these deliveries efficient, we stack several LCL containers to create a larger shipment. Then, we arrange water transport to a single port. From there, we can coordinate ground delivery for each company's freight. 

LCL shipments are great for companies that want to test new markets. Sending a smaller shipment is ideal for expanding target audiences in other countries.

At Nationwide Transport Services, we do more than move your freight from its origin to its destination. Our team wants to set the industry standard for efficient transportation and stellar service.

When you work with us, you experience a straightforward shipping process. We connect you with a logistics agent who arranges and oversees your LCL shipment from pickup to delivery. That specialist is your point of contact and is familiar with the smallest details of your load. They can also identify complications and resolve them, ensuring that your delivery is smooth and efficient. 

We employ specialists in various departments, including customer support, claims and finance.

Loading Yellow Containers

Flexible Solutions for LCL Freight

Our team of skilled professionals lets us adapt our services to your needs. At Nationwide Transport Services, we pride ourselves on understanding and addressing customer needs. We're a flexible and transparent company. Those qualities let us invite each client to make requests reflecting their needs. From planning the route to offering extra support, we can tweak digital and standard procedures to your needs. When necessary, we can even create a custom LCL solution. 

We offer flexible payment methods, and our finance department has the expertise to work with your company's requirements. When it's time for payment, you can choose direct deposit, a bank transfer, direct billing, credit card, PayPal, Zelle, cryptocurrency and other forms of currency. We even offer payment on delivery. Lines of credit are also available for clients who make frequent transport requests.


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Choose Nationwide Transport Services as Your LCL Carrier

Does your company need to ship a less-than-container-load overseas? If so, choose an LCL carrier that strives to meet your needs. Nationwide Transport Services is confident that we're the best company for the job. Our team has a high work ethic, and we're focused on providing the best transport solution to each of our customers. 

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