LTL Trucking Services

Freight shipping is a broad service that covers several modes of transport. This shipping method's versatility makes it ideal for full and partial truckloads. A large shipment that doesn't fill an entire trailer, for example, is known as less-than-truckload (LTL) freight. 

Cost-Effective LTL Shipping

If you need a trucking service to transport a larger load but can't justify paying for a full trailer because your freight uses far less space, you have an LTL shipment. Most shipments in this category weigh between 150 and 15,000 pounds. LTL freight is much lighter than full truckloads of freight, which can weigh up to 45,000 pounds.

Traditionally, transporting full truckloads is more cost-efficient than LTL freight shipping. However, LTL freight trucking companies such as Nationwide Transport Services have a solution that cuts LTL hauling prices.

At Nationwide Transport Services, we offer a partial load option. This service lets you divide the cost of a full trailer load with other clients sending shipments in the same direction. By consolidating your load and theirs, you can fill a trailer and transport your LTL freight at a lower rate. 

Our ability to offer intermodal shipping lets us send your shipment almost anywhere. We can ship via trucks, rails, water and air. We also have more than 40,000 dry van trailers that can handle LTL freight. We offer special services for perishable goods via our refrigerated dry van trailers. 


What Sets Us Apart

We have standardized shipping rates and work to accommodate your needs. The team at Nationwide Transport Services strives to meet all customer requests, and we have systems in place to adjust our digital and standard procedures. We value transparency, so discuss any special requests with us and we'll change details or create a new solution to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. 

Nationwide Transport Services knows the importance of having an LTL trucking expert on your side. That's why we employ highly skilled professionals as logistical agents, members of our claims department, customer support representatives and financial specialists. 

Our financial department is particularly flexible. Frequent clients can open a line of credit for future shipments, and we have various payment options available. You can pay with a credit card, PayPal, Zelle, cryptocurrency or other common methods. We can also do direct billing, payment upon delivery and bank transfers. 

If you have a special request, just ask. Our team is committed to meeting your requirements and setting industry standards. 


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Learn More About Our LTL Shipping Solutions

Every LTL transport receives a logistics agent who handles the entire shipment. Our load specialists gather information about your order, calculate an estimate, arrange transportation, resolve complications and confirm delivery. 

Having a dedicated expert managing your request means you have a direct line of communication with someone familiar with your LTL shipment. That person selects a driver, organizes other partial loads and coordinates the route. 

Do you have less-than-truckload freight to transport? If so, choose our team to arrange the best hauling solution. You can contact us today to get started or request a shipping quote and we'll have a logistics agent review your request for a free estimate.