Danny Schirripa


Fort Lauderdale, FL

Danny, first and foremost, is the father of two amazing daughters and the husband of an incredible and inspirational woman. The three women in his life motivate Danny to be the best man he can be. He’s been living with his family in Florida for twenty-six years now. He’s a state park junkie who loves hiking and being outdoors. As someone who enjoys finding the best solutions to solve problems, Danny fit right in at the company, and NTS is glad to have him as part of the team!

My Specialties:

Auto Transport Specialist
Heavy Duty Truck Expert
Local & Long Distance
High Volume Account Specialist

Recent Moves

2013 Mack Granite GU713 Dump Truck

2013 Mack Granite GU713 Dump Truck

White plains, NY, 76431 to Kansas, MO, 64133

Length: 29ft
Width: 8.50ft
Height: 11.80ft

Weight: 27,000lbs

Trailer Type: Lowboy

Tiny Home

Tiny Home

Chico, TX, 76431 to Mechanicsville, VA, 10607

Danny transported a tiny home on the lowest profile lowboy available to help with clearance. It was just shy of being a super load. Danny ensured every safety measure was followed.

Trailer Type: Lowboy


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Tractor Transport

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Danny I would like to again compliment you for your going above and beyond Professionalism to your employer. The world 🌎 needs more people like you and helps me to raise my own personal standards on how I should be working with people. My Wife and kids to begin with! Lol 😂 I am actually semi retired and am on a fixed income. I probably will have to work in Texas but limited to minimum wage jobs. My health and age probably could not handle the high pressure higher paying jobs. Your help and expertise is so greatly appreciated.

- Robert Sugiura

Hawaii to Cali to Texas

Danny Containers arrived and offloaded. Job well done! There is NO DOUBT you made it happen!! You deserve to receive a medal for your work. Truly that is what is missing in today's businesses...Professional service from folks lie you who know how to get things done! Have a GREAT DAY! Patrick Kelly CESI Danny I just got to where I could send you a message (didn't have a signal) I truly appreciate ALL your dedication, support and effort. That is what true professionals are made of! But most of all I realize the extended hours of ongoing work and the amount of time you spend, and THAT is what I appreciate the most, Patrick Kelly CESI

- Patrick Kelly


I used Danny for my car shipping needs. He is an absolute pro and made it as easy on me as possible. First and foremost, he attained a very good rate with a top driver. The moving process across country was easy, painless, and stress free. Danny is an excellent communicator and representative on your behalf. He matches your needs with the right driver at the right time, place, and price. Business is all about people. Danny is now my "go to" person for my shipping needs.

- John T.


The best thing about NTS is that everyone is like family or close friends. We are always willing to help each other or lift each other up when needed.