Jason Foltz

Chief Operations Officer, President

2937 W. Cypress Creek Rd, #101
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

Jason founded NTS over a decade ago out of his own home. With vision, perseverance, and dedication, Jason saw his dream of a successful logistics company grow from a single office to multiple offices across the country. He guides his team, leading by example so each person has the best chance at succeeding. The company and Jason’s dream continues to grow, and he’s proud of his team’s achievements.


Be Great
Because Nothing Else Pays.

- Grant Cardone

Recent Moves

Nationwide Transport Services, LLC

Nationwide Transport Services, LLC


Jason established NTS out of his home in 2009. A one man operation, Jason saw the lack of professionalism and care for transported vehicles. So he created a company with better standards. The NTS motto is “We Care.” That meant Jason vetted every driver and company before working together. Only the best made the cut. Over a decade later, NTS has grown into one of the industry-leading logistics companies—and we still only work with the best. It’s because of Jason’s dedication, not only to his clients, but to his team, that NTS has grown into the parent company of several large, specialized branches. We now have multiple offices in Florida, California, and Kentucky and continue to grow exponentially.

Heavy Haulers

Heavy Haulers

Created in 2015.

Jason’s vision for NTS expanded beyond vehicle transportation. NTS had already begun transporting heavy equipment, heavy vehicles, international freight, and more. Seeing an opportunity, Jason and the team developed a new branch of NTS dedicated to clients with heavy machinery and equipment transport needs. Most heavy loads require special oversize or wide load permits, along with specific route mapping. Jason used Heavy Haulers to show clients we are knowledgeable, experienced, and the best company to haul their freight. NTS expanded again, growing our agent pool and opening more offices in Florida to accommodate our well-known brand HeavyHaulers.com.




Jason and the team realized NTS could reach more automotive clients with a dedicated car transport site. AutoTransport.com is our newest division, focusing on all things car and truck transport. NTS funnels all automotive marketing efforts to this website for the best dedicated car shipping solutions in the industry. This ensures clients that we are experienced and knowledgeable in all things car transport. Jason is always working with the team to find the fresh ways to provide the best car transport services to our clients.

Tractor Transport

Tractor Transport

Created in January 2016.

Jason knows that NTS will not stop growing. That’s why he is constantly strategizing with the team, finding new and efficient ways to expand our client base. With information from our analytics, Jason realized we had a large client base transporting farm and agricultural equipment. Seeing a new opportunity, Jason and the team expanded the company in this area. Some may have seen it as a risk, but it paid off. TractorTransport.com is one of our most successful divisions and a well-known name among the agricultural and farming communities.

Total Car Shipping Inc.

Total Car Shipping Inc.

MC: 585782
Acquired in 2012

By 2012, NTS had become a leader in the transport industry. We did and still handle each transport with care, because we want our clients to have a quality transport experience. With such a powerful position in the transport industry, we acquired Total Car Shipping, Inc (TCS), in Hollywood, Florida. With Jason’s guidance, NTS implemented our successful strategies with the new team of agents and their clients. The Total Car Shipping, Inc division saw a quick boost in revenue and reputation. Members from the original TCS merge in 2012 still work in NTS offices today.

Nationwide Equipment Funding

Nationwide Equipment Funding

Founded in January of 2017

NTS continued to grow as the parent company for automotive, agricultural, and heavy equipment transport. With business booming, Jason and his team spotted a unique opportunity within their client base. Many of them are often in need of equipment financing services, for both new and used machinery. Wanting to support our clients in as many ways as we can, NTS partnered with leading equipment financiers. However, we quickly realized we could provide this service ourselves. This opportunity provided our clients with equipment finance services from a company they already work with and trust.


heavy haulers

Heavy Haulers

Heavy Haul Solutions. Quality Service. A Better Transport Experience.

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tracor trans

Tractor Transport

Hauling Your Farm Equipment. Delivering On Time. So You Can Get Back to Work.

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auto trans

Auto Transport

Door-to-Door Auto Transport You Can Rely On.

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I was part of the company that developed a multi-vendor marketplace website for Jason company. I was coordinating the project (being a link between the client and our other pure developers) as well as being a developer myself. I was communicating and working with Julian and his co-worker Jason Foltz very actively over more than 6 months and can attest to their ways of work. Personally speaking, it was great to work with ason and Julian. Internally I have mentioned many times that they were my absolute favorite customers. They are smart, they are driven, and determined to get results. They are well organized and do what was promised - they know what they want, but they were always ready to listen to our opinions and change the decisions accordingly to achieve the best results possible - it's clear that they are competent leaders with good decision-making skills. They were extremely reasonable in their questions and requests - they are clear, empathetic and all-around-great communicators - I could go on and on... Shortly said, it was a privilege to work with Julian and Jason, and I will keep their example in mind as a high standard to reach for when working with outside developers/consultants/experts! Finns are known for being emotionally reserved and strongly preferring negative/neutral feedback/thoughts to the positive ones, so please know that I would never say praise like this lightly at all, without proudly standing behind my every word!

- Mikko Vedru

I shipped a brand new Winnebago trailer from Indiana to Boise Idaho. I could not have done this without Nationwide Transport Services. They helped me through the event including getting me a great deal on the shipping. I was most comfortable in putting my brand new trailer on a flatbed, rather than having it towed. Nationwide made sure that it was delivered safe and sound. The experience with Nationwide was great. They communicated with me right through the weekend, to update me and make sure everything was safe and the delivery was on time. If I ever have to ship in the future, I will only use Nationwide Transport Services.

- Mike O.

I love Nationwide Transport Services.