Josh Shaw

Logistics Agent

9200 Belvedere Rd, Suite 204 West Palm Beach, FL 33411

Josh is a quality logistics agent with NTS. He always provides top quality service to his clients. With years of logistics and transport experience, he provides the best shipping solutions in the business. Josh is here day or night to get your freight moved.

My Specialties:

Heavy Hauling Specialist
Auto Transport
Heavy Duty Truck Expert
Construction Vehicle Expert
Wide Load Shipping Specialist

Recent Moves

Life Boat from Military Base

Life Boat from Military Base

Charleston, SC to Canton, GA

Specs: 33L x 11.6W x 13H
Weight: 15,000 lbs

John Deere 648H Skidder

John Deere 648H Skidder

Ashland, VA to Prompton, PA

Specs: 24L x 10.5W x 11H
Weight: 32245

Antique Caboose

Antique Caboose

Pikesville, MD to Pikesville, MD

Specs: 32L x 10W x 14.4H
Weight: 12,000 lbs

2 Military Trucks

2 Military Trucks

Hillsboro, OR to Crestwood, KY

Specs: 23L x 8W x 9.4H
Weight: 18,000 lbs

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedan Midsize

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedan Midsize

Manheim, PA to Mt Pleasant, SC

Specs: 15.5L x 6W x 4.75H
Weight: 3,472 lbs

Nissan Titan Pickup

Nissan Titan Pickup

Cypress, TX to Katy, TX

Specs: 19L x 6.6W x 6.3H
Weight: 5600 lbs


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When I founded NTS I dreamed of creating a logistics company people could count on. It's with the help of each individual agent and team member that we've come this far. Each person at NTS contributes to our continued success. They are hard working and determined individuals who always put the clients first. At NTS we're more than a team, we're a family. And we always work together to provide top quality service.

- Jason Foltz

President of NTS

I shipped a brand new Winnebago trailer from Indiana to Boise Idaho. I could not have done this without Nationwide Transport Services. They helped me through the event including getting me a great deal on the shipping. I was most comfortable in putting my brand new trailer on a flatbed, rather than having it towed. Nationwide made sure that it was delivered safe and sound. The experience with Nationwide was great. They communicated with me right through the weekend, to update me and make sure everything was safe and the delivery was on time. If I ever have to ship in the future, I will only use Nationwide Transport Services.

- Mike O.

Happy to Be a Member of NTS