Blank Bill Of Lading For Download - Automobile & Cargo Templates

Need a blank Bill of Lading? For your own delivery? A customers? No Problem, we're glad we can help.

AUTOMOBILES - Free Blank BOL / Vehicle Delivery Inspection Sheet For Automobiles

NTS is always looking for ways to make transport easy on the clients. That’s why we provide standard paperwork a customer of ours, another business, or just about anyone could use at home or for their business when shipping a vehicle. If you’re a constant shipper, then you know the need to provide accurate and verified vehicle inspections each time you transport or sell a buy/sell a vehicle. Damages take up precious time and you have important things to do rather than playing he said she said. This inspection should allow you to focus on what matters, which are the facts.

If you're a customer of Nationwide Transport Services, please see your assigned representative for a customer BOL form suited to Nationwide transport Services Terms and Services. 

The downloadable documents featured on this page are in no way paperwork legal documents of Nationwide Transport Services LLC and serve only as a template for other customers and businesses to use and edit to their own standards. 

CARGO/FREIGHT - Free Bill of Lading Download For Various Cargo and Freight

Free of Charge Downloadable Blank Cargo Bill of Lading Sheets

Receiving your cargo in the same condition as it left the pick-up point is the whole point of using a reputable shipping company. However, this isn’t always guaranteed. Sometimes, your cargo might arrive at the drop off location with some damages that weren’t there during the pick-up time. It might be difficult to prove this by the word of mouth and that’s why you need a cargo bill of lading or a BOL.

A bill of lading is a very important document signed and issued by the carrier to a shipper during cargo shipping. With a bill of lading, you can inspect your cargo during the drop-off and if the information filled on the bill of lading doesn’t match that of pick up, then you can prove it. A bill of lading states details such as dimensions, quantity, destination, and type of goods being shipped. 

When shipping cargo with Nationwide Transport Services, our specialists will give you a cargo bill of lading form with our own terms and conditions. 

The cargo BOL template on this page isn’t a legal document of Nationwide Transport Services LLC. It’s an example of a cargo bill of lading that other businesses and customers can download and edit to their own terms.